Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Vigilante and Peacemaker teamed up against the war on terror back in the 80s

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I recently grabbed issue 38 of The Vigilante (1987) out of a 3 for $1 box it seemed like it would make for a fun read. In this issue these two Checkmate affiliated characters* team up to take on a docked freighter ship full of Middle East terrorists. Unfortunately toward the end of the issue they ended up turning on each other over who gets to kill one of the top priority targets and as expected that fight ended in a stalemate. Over all it wasn't bad, certainly worth what I paid for it I hope you enjoy the clip art I posted.

* Peacemaker made multiple appearances in the The Suicide Squad series during the Janus Directive story line

Fan art by Steve Erwin


  1. I wish they'd bring Peacemaker back the way he was portrayed back then. He was so conflicted since he found out his dead was an old school nazi, so that really fucked with him. They kinda' did during Grant Morrison's Multiversity series, the Pax Americana issue, but other than that, no love for Peacemaker.

    1. I also thought that the whole thing about his dad having been a nazi which was driving him to fight evil but be conflicted at the same time with daddy issues was a cool aspect of the character. It's actually a lot more original of a premise then The Punisher even though I love the Frank Castle character. Is Peacemaker even in the current DC universe? That is if you happen to know?

  2. He was last officially in the DCU helping mentor the 3rd Blue Beetle, Jamie Reyes back in 2007, before taking off for parts unknown. So, so far, no he hasn't shown up in the newly rebooted DCU. Damn shame though.


    Peackmaker's back!!!!