Sunday, January 9, 2011

Holy shit! Straight out of the pages of Play Boy magazine here comes Nightshade!

I wish I could say I came up with this but I didn't, nor was I able to find out who the artist was. Yet again this is something I found while doing a random image search. Just in case your wondering I added the black bar because the original left NOTHING to the imagination : ) Even I have some standards as to what I will and will not post. However, should any of you out there care to have an original I will be happy to email it to you upon request. Just a quick reminder here that Nightshade has been hot for Rick Flag for years now only to have her hints which range from the subtle to the not so subtle rebuffed by him due to his emotional detachment from all things not duty related. It seems that Rick prefers the company of Bronze Tiger more often then not. But I'll give Rick a pass for now on any Brokeback suspicions since he didn't want to pursue any sort of familial relationship with his newly discovered biological son. I guess all the hard years of being a dedicated soldier has made Col. Flag comfortably numb. But I think maybe it would be a good idea for someone to slip this soldier this clip art and get him at full attention. Who ever the mystery artist is out there who produced this fine work of art all I can say is God bless you. And that's something coming from athiest like me.


  1. Oh, I'm sure that would...raise his Flag? Was that too obvious? But the question is...would he act on it? Hmmm...we can only speculate...until someone draws that little bit of fan art.

  2. LOL. Randomnerd!
    Actually, I think she should turn to Nemesis. Flag is too bland.(hope I'm saying this right)
    I mean all his detached air, doesn't work for me and even if it does work for her, won't do her any good.
    Anyway,whoever draw her, did a great job.

    1. Nemesis always had the right ideas when it came to NightShade. Flagg is such an underachiever.

  3. I agree Aliera. He might be hunky, but after so many cold shoulders why wouldn't you turn to someone who actually pays you a bit of attention? Go for some conversation! And yeah, I think you said it perfectly.

  4. great comments ladies! not that i don't think that it's hot to have had just women comment on this posting so far, but how come no guys have left a comment here yet?
    Craig, where's my wing man?

  5. oh well, i guess it's going to be just Aliera, Randomnerd and me on this one. just the 3 of us, i think i can iive with that. all you guys now can stay the hell away from this posting's comment section.

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