Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sasha Bourdeaux fan art by Tsbranch

I just found this on Deviant Art tonight. Although I like the art work it's self I also liked what the artist had to say about the character. It's definitely discussion worthy just the type of stuff I love to find for this blog.

"WHO?!? You would ask. Former bodyguard to Bruce Wayne, turned Checkmate operative. Yeah, I went there. I dug through my old Bruce Wayne: Murderer issues and found her a compelling character. Probably cuz Greg Rucka was writing it. Maybe. But beyond those issues, she had her death faked and re-emerged as an agent of Checkmate, even the Black Queen. Who knew?

You know she could have been DC’s Maria Hill, if you think about it. A good counter to Amanda Waller and even now in the DCnU she could be Maxwell Lord’s right hand. Her backstory doesn’t have to change much, just some tweakin."


  1. I love this rendition, but I don't think Sasha's story has to be redone. I think the book Checkmate needs to be redone. Needs more action, each character should have some spotlight and don't ver off so damn much.

    1. i myself just really liked the Maria Hill comparison.