Sunday, September 25, 2016

Well it had it's moments at least

Did you know that out of the entire Ostrander run for The Suicide Squad there was only one annual? And admittedly despite having been written by John Ostrander it wasn't a very good read in what was other wise an awesome series. But it did have it's moments like the exchange between Rick Flag and Boomerang as well as between Shade and Manhunter. In case you didn't know during his time with Task Force X Shade was known for having something of a condescending attitude toward Earth technology which other Squad members found to be annoying at times. So it was kinda funny seeing someone talk down to him for a change when it comes to the comprehension.


  1. Ha! I don't have enough issues with Shade in them unfortunately, so I didn't know he was like this, although, considering how advanced his world's tech was compared to earth's, I can see it. Idk, did you think Ostrander played Shade like Ditko's Shade, or did his own thing with the character. He was a very odd addition, but a nice one regardless.

    1. i couldn't tell ya, the only time i had ever seen Shade before the Suicide Squad was his entry in Who's Who. as you could imagine i'm not in the least bit interested in reading any of Ditko's Shade it would be a visual boar for me that would take me out of the story. i remember this one time i came across Machine Man issue 18 with a cool cover of him mixing it up with Alpha Flight in discount back issue box. then i flipped through it and saw the ditko art and i was like eeuw i don't even want to pay a quarter for this. here's a past posting about Shade you might like

  2. I hear you on that, it's definitely an acquired taste. For me his art goes off the rails once the 60's are over. And we all know how atrocious his 80's and 90's, current work is.