Saturday, January 7, 2017

Janus Directive splash page

It seems after all there may yet be a little bit of Suicide Squad stuff to blog about as we kick off 2017. I was at the library today when I noticed a Janus Directive trade paper back on the shelf. I never knew there was a TPB of that multi-titled DC story line in which a conspiracy devised by Kobra turns all the U.S. meta human special ops organizations against each other. The top part of this splash page ( jeez, did they really have to draw Bronze Tiger with that excessive bulge in his costume?) from Checkmate 15 can be found at the DC Wikia page but I mostly like the bottom half with the character chess pieces.

Also today, I was reading Justice League vs Suicide Squad # 3 on Youtube. I have to admit it was actually pretty good. Top notch art with some well done character development and a story line that looks very promising.


  1. Yeah I this came out last year or the year before, not sure. It'd be worth it for any big SS fan.

    1. It's always a pleasant surprise when you find stuff like that at the library because it's ya know, free. Just like with these people who keep posting these slide shows of new comics on YouTube. It's perfect for stuff you kinda wanna follow but not enough to go out and spend money on the shit. And a lot of the times those videos are posted only a few days after the issues hit the stands.

  2. I can see that being beneficial to those who are on the fence about buying certain titles, so that sounds like it could help. Cool. And yes, it's always a pleasant surprise to find good trades at the library. It was definitely the case for me a couple years ago, when I discovered diverse, but solid reads, like the early post-Civil War issues of IM, The Disassembled IM and Thor trades, and the early Bendis/Bagely USM trades.