Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Did anybody actually read this 2002 Suicide Squad mini-series?

I remember when this series came out I picked up the first issue because I recognized the title. Although the art was good, it had none of the original Suicide Squad members and aside from the title I didn't feel like there was anything about it that felt very . . . . Suicide Squad. So that was it for me, although I'm sorry I didn't come across issue # 9 cause that might have been worth buying for just the cover alone. Talk about a trio of femme fatales that gives this cover more curves then Larry Flint's entire back issue collection of Hustler magazine. I came across a blog that was actually comparing the leather clad lovely there with as the Baroness (Sienna Miller) on one of the versions of the G.I.Joe (one God awful shity film) movie posters:

So I just wanted to know if anyone out there actually read this series. Did it suck like I think it probably did or did it not turn out to be too bad?


  1. Didn't read. I was out of comics in the early 2000s... But is that Deadshot on the cover? It's hard for Deadshot not to be in a good comic.

  2. I didn't read this one but I did the short lived one before this?

    At least the one above had a few recognizable folks in it.

    Love the logo too that's really clever design. Mind you I think the SS has always looked sharp in that area.

  3. that link takes you to the first issue cover of the same short lived series the #9 issue displayed on this is apart of. since you remember reading it did it suck as much as i remember it did? which would certainly explain why it was short lived because as far as i can tell it didn't start off as a limited series. it just turned into one. probably cause it sucked.

  4. Whoops that'll teach me for skimming the visual. It was bizzare in that at the time Grants JLA was still selling gangbusters, yet here was DC rebooting another not broken concept without a majorly all star based line up.

    Major Disaster was a nice addition to the team, but seemed less suited in the book than he did in Joe Kelly's JLA run. While the Wall was in the background, they started bringing back the big guns in #5 but even though it was a Keith Giffen book by then I'd spent enough and jumped.

  5. Was this the Giffen series where Sgt. Rock was still alive and commanding the Squad? If so, I saw it out there on the shelves, flipped through one or two, and let it sit. It didn't look terrible, but it didn't look like a real 'Squad series, either.

  6. I actually bought and enjoyed this series. It was an effort by Keith Giffen to bring Suicide Squad back to popularity. It wasn't originally a mini-series, it was an ongoing series that was canceled after 12 issues.

    It definitely had a JLI flavor with the humor, but it was still a solid comic for the age. I haven't re-read it, but might someday. The ending in issue #12 made it all worth it. Brilliant way to let this series end.

    Nice blog you got here! Keep up the good work!

    The Irredeemable Shag

  7. I'm with Shag. After the first issue massacred Justice League Antarctica and the first story arc had a similar body count, I knew this series was cold-blooded enough to earn the Suicide Squad name. However, the "faithful" spat on it because it wasn't written by Ostrander, wasn't at all political, and had cartoony manga art. I dug it, and it featured one of Waller's daughters, as well as The Jihad.

  8. I read the 12 issues, and didn't expected them to end so abruptly. I was always expecting there would be more original squad members apearing, but it wasn't that time.
    I'm an optimist, and always waiting for more stories. Who Know? Captain Boomerang is back.

  9. I collected the entire series when it came out, but wasn't very impressed with it. It seems to me that Giffen was trying out a long-term plot centered on Sgt. Rock and Bulldozer, similar to his early 90s Legion of Super-Heroes series, but in my mind the dialogue was too conversational to follow the plots well. Some of the stories were good, though. I liked the alien island and the final two-pater witht he Jihad.