Saturday, October 30, 2010

The eye of the Bronze Tiger, Roger Cross

Continuing the Suicide Squad casting call theme on this blog this weekend it just hit me who would be the perfect Bronze Tiger ( a.k.a Ben Turner). Now there's other possible candidates like Wesley Snipes or maybe even Billy Blanks ( from the tie-bow work out commercials) and Tiger Woods (just kidding) but if they ever introduce the Bronze Tiger character to the big or small screen they need to get Roger Cross to play the role. Cross has been in a number of things over the years but I loved him best as the dependable and highly intelligent tactical C.T.U. ( counter terrorism unit ) field agent Curtis Manning in 24.

Now I don't need to rattle off Turner's resume of what makes him such a bad ass. But in a nut shell, Ben Turner is the best Martial artist in the DC Universe next to Batman with Rick Flag and Richard Dragon as close seconds. Turner on more then one occasion has taken down super powered opponents by hand cause he's just that good at what he does. Every thing that Roger Cross brought to the role of Curtis Manning would be perfect for playing the Bronze Tiger. As you can see from the the photo he looks the part every bit as much as Hugh Jackman did for Wolverine. He's tall, buffed and with a voice that gives James Earl Jones a run for his money Cross was born for the role. Cross would also make a good Cyborg from the Titans or John Stewart who my ex used to call "the brother Green Lantern". Coming up next this weekend, Rick Flag and The Bronze Tiger - Band of Brothers.

I just found this tribute video to the Bronze Tiger. And it has the perfect 80's song to go with it!


  1. Oh...he'd be perfect...right down to the...everything. Which, of course, means they absolutely won't cast him. In this fictional Suicide squad movie that we're casting. Forgot that it wasn't real there for a minute.

  2. I've never watched 24, so I can't confirm or deny this dudes worthiness. I bet you'll get a lotta people calling for Michael Jai White. I personally would want Chiwetel Ejiofor (Salt, Red Belt, Four Brothers, Inside Man, Serenity, Children of Men, American Gangster). But he's my favorite actor right now, so I'm biased!

    but from what you say, your dude sounds good. I LOVE the Bronze Tiger. The first time I saw him was in the Legends mini by John Byrne (yeah, I'm old) which I think was the first appearance of Task Force X/Suicide Squad (unless I'm mistaken?). BT is such a great character.

    you should post the episode where he appeared on the Brave and the Bold cartoon.

    great blog. keep it up!

  3. randomnerd, sadly your probably right. but miracles have happened (Hugh Jackman,Toby Maguire, Robert Downey Jr. and Christian Bale).

    nice one samax, Michael Jai White would be another good candidate. and i just did a image google search on Chiwetel Ejiofor. i know this guy from a bunch of films among which were Talk To Me, Serenity and Children of Men which was one of the best dystopian sci-fi films since Blade Runner and Soylent Green. a great English actor. thanks for the comments and compliments there's more Tiger action comin this weekend my man!

  4. Chiwetel Ejiofor has the martial arts and interior calm to really do Bronze Tiger justice. I think I'm with Samax on that one.

  5. Chiwetel Ejiofor was quite good as the emotionless "Dexter like" martial arts expert Alliance commander in Serenity. But I still say you both are jumping to conclusions if your not familiar with Cross as Curtis Manning on 24.

    that was a nice little discussion forum we had going on there i really enjoyed the great opinions expressed thank you for leaving those comments everybody. makes me really glad i started this blog.

  6. Oh I'm familiar with 24. Are you familiar with Redbelt? That's the performance I'm basing my opinion on.

  7. well since i've never seen Redbelt i don't any sort of witty come back for that. seldom have i ever been humbled so.

  8. I gotta agree with the Chiwetel Ejiofor votes, here.

    I think that Cross would make a GREAT John Stewart, though.