Friday, November 19, 2010


. . . . you all really made this happen! Even though this blog hasn't been running for even a month I felt it was time to express my appreciation to all of you who have participated in the social forum for this site. I've been so delighted with the conversations and exchange of information and opinions I've read. Dan from IADW will tell you how for weeks I was waffling on the idea of starting this blog not being sure if there was a sufficient fan base for the Suicide Squad out there to justify the time and effort that would go into a blog site. But so far it has been worth every second of time and effort I've put into it.
Some of you carried over from my ROM Spaceknight blog but many of you are new names ( all cool people) that have been appearing in the comments sections in the last week or so. One of those new names is a really cool lady who hails from Portugal. My first European to commentator on either blog sites actually. Apparently aside from the Suicide Squad she is also a Captain Boomerang fan and found this blog by coincidence when doing a search on Google for Capt. Downunda. That prompted me to wanting to see what you will find on Google as far as my blog goes with certain key words. And I'm happy to say even though it's not at the top of the list yet it would seem this blog has already made it's mark which I know is largely thanks to all the traffic this site has garnered thus far.
I just want you all to know that I'm working really hard to come up with more stuff for you all to enjoy despite having a work schedule right now flanked by two jobs. Some postings are pretty spontaneous from things that just fall into my lap and other ones come along from ideas I have rolling around in my head for awhile until I get time to do them. I do already have other drafts completed of postings with every thing from some original art, to surveys, humor based stuff and more character profiles and what not. I'm just kinda on the fence at the moment about releasing them now or saving something for next month. Thanks again everybody all of you rock like an 80's power balled. Almost makes me want to rename this blog to "Blog site for Suicide Squad fans who aren't dicks". by the way


  1. Oh please, no! I like the name as is.
    I was trying to wait, so that I wouldn't be the first one posting (I'm shy :P) but it seems I'm the only one awake right now, being in Europe.
    I love this blog.
    And yes, C. Boomerang fan here. I'm waiting to read the next flash issue dedicated to him.
    Hope it will be as good as I... hope.

  2. i'm still up too but just barely. i'm bad with this sort of thing but i'm guessing Portugal is about 7 hours ahead of California. i wouldn't dream of alienating my European fan base so the name stays as is. by the way i saw a funny video of Cristiano Ronaldo getting a goal disallowed. he's still a great player even though things didn't go so well with him in S.Africa.

  3. I LOVE that picture at the top! I can almost hear Waller screaming it! Nice one David. Thank you so much for spending the time and energy on this blog and creating a space for all of us to converse and meet new people. This was actually a more thorough introduction to Suicide Squad as a group than I'd had before, even though I knew a lot of the members individually. So I really appreciate getting the heads up on them until the graphic novel comes out, which is sometime in February next year, I think.

    And Aliera, I agree with you, don't change the name. I like it as is.

  4. I'm just a fan of the company around here. Thanks again for letting me hang around. This is exactly what we've been trying to generate on our blog. Not so much about posting the information as generating the feedback about what we post. You've got a great thing going here David and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks so.

  5. I've always had positive comments whenever I've posted about the Squad, so it comes as no surprise that you've found a fan base for the blog.

  6. Thank you Randomnerd. I was quite happy for finding a Suicide Squad themed blog. It's great that there is people talking about the squad and the name is perfect.

    And to David yes, that referee was completely partial to Spain. It was ridiculous. Still we won 4-0! we're good :)

    It's 18.30 h here now.

  7. Nice post David and I'm glad that after so much thought and planning the site is taking off. You do an awesome job here and it's always a good read.

    Love the Wall commenting on your blog too - nice touch!

    So yeah thank you in return for all the effort you put in. I'll toast ta' that!

  8. David, I hope you don't mind I added your link up to our Wall of Shame on our site. See if we can generate some more traffic for you.

  9. Aliera, I'm so happy there are other girls out there that read comics like I do. It's very rare, and outside of myself and my best friend I really haven't run into another one in about 15 years. True story. So believe me when I say it's an honor to meet you.

  10. Randomnerd, my wife is the one responsible for getting me into comics and yes, you are a rare breed.

  11. Oy Vey what gives with all this guys here marrying great women who are into comic books and sci-fi!? i live in the "trendy and diverse" San Franfuckensisco Bay Area which has nothing but pseudo-intellectual women with hairy armpits that think communism in the U.S. can't come soon enough. do i have to move to another country or to the Mid-West (which is pretty much like another country) to find "Ms.Right"? nice to see that everybody here plays well with others on my . . i stand corrected, our blog. after all, if you folks are writing on here, and i'm writing on here, doesn't that make this our blog? just like if i'd have ordered a pizza to be delivered to a classroom i'm in. that makes the pizza the class room's pizza and not just mine.
    hey Craig i saw you're comment about the tattoo chick. that was funny bro had me cracking up.alright man i'm gonna check out the this Wall of Shame of yours.

  12. David I've no doubt if I hadn't met her in college I'd still be single today. Today I still come across as the geek. She pulls off normal soccer mom (well, karate mom for us) but she's as big a geek as I am. Any time you want to make a cross-country trip, look us up when you get up here in the great white northeast.

    And yeah, I couldn't let that guy's tattoo comment go without a response. Had to back you up on that one.

  13. I think, Dave, it's because in the Midwest we geek girls need to find something to do indoors when it gets cold outside. That's just a guess, though. Don't quote me on that. I'm pretty sure I'm still we're still an aberration. Although there seem to be a heavier concentration of us where there isn't the brain washing of having to work on our tan. I'm just saying.

  14. In Lisbon, there is this Comic's Club, where I order my comics, and the major bunch of members/costumers are male, but there were always girls around, and many quite enthusiastic about comics.

    I was one of the first members. Was introduced by a friend, when it oppened and introduced other friends to them.
    My point is, I think there are more guys than gals readding comics,but at least here, the number of women is quite visible in the club.

    I don't usually tell people that don't know me well that I like comics, so maibe there are a whole lot of women that enjoy them as much as I do, and just don't tell other people.

    I'm here posting about readding comics and my husband is blabbering about antibiotics ph :) .

    We're both nurses and he's always studying. More than me. I read comics.

    It's so nice to read about you and your families, so far away. It's a pleasure to meet you all.