Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Way cool wallets made from Firestorm comic pages

When I see stuff like this I always say to myself 'oh man why didn't I come up with this first!?" But hey, just cause I didn't come up with it doesn't mean it's not pretty damn cool. As you can see here someone made an actual and functional wallet out of the pages from issue 64 of Firestorm that so happens to have featured the Suicide Squad whom the U.S. government is looking to apprehend. And why? Because he wants to rid the world of nuclear weapons. So of course he must be stopped cause what the world needs now is another Cuban missile crisis or a nuclear arms race in the calm and stable Middle East as opposed to someone riding the world of all that none sense. Your tax dollars at work folks in DC land. Fortunately I'm just talking about DC Comics and not Washington DC. Although we all know things get every bit as much ridiculous there as they do in the fictional world of comics. Anyways, for more photos of other comic book page wallets, information on the artist and how you can get one of your own go to:

Toward the end of Firestorm #64 the Suicide Squad preps and launches an assault against Firestorm (and Firehawk) in the middle of Times Square. Firestorm annual #5 picks up the story line in which the JLA enters the fray and things get even more problematic when some bureaucratic idiot named Derek Toliver (who Rick Flag later pumps full of lead in service of his country) orders the release of the Parasite which both teams, Firestorm and Firehawk all struggle to contain. The conclusion however ends with a "blast" following the show down between Firestorm and a Russian nuclear powered foe in which Prof. Stein finally succumbs to his fatal condition. I actually used to have these two issues but I can't remember what the $%#&! happened to em.


  1. Okay, so my first reaction was not "Hey Cool!" But "AHHH! He ripped up a comic!" Of course that might stem from the fact that I was threatened with death if I accidentally tore any of my brother's comics. Yes, it looks cool. But I think I'd be looking over my shoulder for the comic's previous owner to come and tackle me any time I took it out.

  2. I thought the same as Randomnerd! My feeling was who is the crazy person that just ruined a comic to make a wallet.
    Then I got interested at the story. I didn't read this.

    David check your mail please.

  3. good morning ladies :) back when these two issues came out the regular cover price for comics was only .75 cents and an annual issue would usually go for $1.25.

    i'm pretty sure nobody was harmed in the production of these wallets. Aliera i read your email and i replied to it. this is great, you and randomnerd have a lot in common!

  4. These are cool, especially it seems as you can request a scene and he will actually take the time to work it so it can be understood when it's folded.

    Well until the orders start flooding in at least.

    As for Firestorm vs the squad - at first that seems like a pretty much one panel fight, but now I'm thinkin there's some pretty interesting match-uops there.

  5. Okay, but I'm going to say it again. He ruined a COMIC to do it. goes against my programming! Go to Kinko's for goodness sakes!!!!

  6. David - Great post and thanks for the shout-out! In regard to destroying a comic, he could have easily gone $0.50 box diving and picked up a spare copy to make the wallet from. I'm going to keep telling myself that so I can sleep at night. :)

    The Irredeemable Shag

  7. Those were classics. It doesn't matter how much it cost. He could have xeroxed it. (Is that a word?)

  8. i never really thought about how it might be spelled but i can say that in the U.S. people used to say sometimes "xeroxed". i think that was mostly when the company Xerox was more dominant in the market. although i don't think you will find that word in even an updated English dictionary but i could be wrong. it's kinda like saying your going to go O.J., which basically means your going to go crazy or otherwise kick someones ass. so i think that makes xerox being used as a verb (or verbo to you)technically slang. ya know what Aliera, that was probably way more info. then you needed, or wanted. i think i need to get some sleep.
    Shag, thank you on the kind words about my posting. Dan from IADW will tell ya i'm always happy to do promos for people who aren't dicks.

  9. Go to sleep then. It's late where you are.
    It's 09.35 AM here. Just started working at 08.00.

    It seems the wallet guy likes the rogues. see: