Friday, October 7, 2011

Just like a boomerang mates he's back! Plus Amanda Waller's debut on Young Justice cartoon!

Apparently a new season of Young Justice must have started not too long ago! As if that isn't awesome enough as it is because I love Young Justice but the season opener guest stars Amanda Waller (a more feminized Waller) as the warden of Belle Reve. Two things, I'm not too sure what to make of the ending and as it turns out I've been pronouncing Belle Reve incorrectly for over 25 years now. Boy don't I feel special, anyways go to Youtube and paste in the word search Young Justice episode 11 part 1 "Terrors".

What your also looking at up there is the cover art for Suicide Squad #4, and here's the information that came with it, "The body count rises! Another Squad member falls -- but not the way you might expect! Betrayal follows betrayal as Captain Boomerang joins the Squad in a smash-and-grab against the terrorist organization Kobra, and Harley Quinn shows why you should never, ever recruit Squad members from Arkham Asylum. Brace yourself for a last-page shocker the likes of which the Squad has never faced before!"


  1. Heh. I've been pronouncing it wrong too. So don't feel bad. Or they're pronouncing it wrong and we were right all along. I think I'll go with that instead of correcting it in my head from now on. And I haven't seen the end yet. It's on my dvr and I'm saving it to watch uninterrupted by noisy children.

  2. yeah it's pronounced "Bell Rev" not "Bela Reeve". i heard the proper way once before on an episode of Smallville but i always wrote it off as Tom Welling (Clark) having made slight gaff with his lines. i dunno my way (our way?) just roles off the tongue better.

  3. Great episode and great show. It's gotten even better in season 2.

    And holy shit, it's letting me post again!!!

  4. hey welcome back Craig i'm glad you got your computer problem fixed. yeah that was a good episode although i'm not exactly clear how Hugo Strange ends up being the warden at the end. they don't really explain that, are we to assume Waller lost her job because of the prison having been taken over?
    this is so awesome about Captain Boomerang becoming a member of The Squad in the new comic book. it'll feel just a little closer to being like the original now and i think it's a good bet my original members will be added in the future if the title survives the first 6 months. i also love it that The Squad is going to be going up against Kobra again. screw all the DC 52 relaunch Suicide Squad nay sayers there's some good stuff to look forward to here i'm excited about.

  5. Amanda is looking great in that picture! I've been trying to find the time to watch that episode and then post here, but no such luck until now :(. Although I always pronouce the name Belle Reeve.
    So it is an all legion of fans misspelling :D
    I think they should adapt the name to the fans and start calling it Belle Reeve, since everybody else seems to be doing it for the last twenty years.
    About Boomerang in December, it is no surprise that I'm thrilled about is presence! Yeay!!!!!
    My favorite DC character is back on Suicide Squad where he belongs, either he might agree with me or not! (my guess is not)

  6. Captain Boomerang and The Suicide Squad go together like french fries and ketchup. but wait Aliera, your from Europe so would that be more like french fries and mayonnaise? or is that just in Holland?

  7. We like mayonaise here or a mix of mayo and Ketchup.
    For me Boomerang and Suicide Squad go together like molten chocolate and Strawberries. That is a mix made in heaven.