Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Suicide Squad #2 review. Be warned I spoil everything!

Summery: The Squad is dropped into a football stadium that is in quarantine over the out break of some sort techno virus (think 28 Days Later meets the Borg). Their objective is to find someone among the spectators who has "The package" that they need to secure. They break up into two teams and search the area but are attacked along the way by all these cannibalistic tech zombies. It turns out "The package" is an infant still within the womb of what appears to be patient zero. Deadshot kills Voltaic (electrical powers) who just fried every last person in the stadium. Apparently unkown to Voltaic having him fry everyone in the stadium was how the virus was intended to be stopped under the pretense that some super powered villain went haywire so of course they're had to be a fall guy. The issue ends with The Squad having to make it to a new location for extraction with the baby. The only problem is they've all got bombs inside of them set to go off in 4 hours unless the bombs are neutralized before then just like in John Carpenter's Escape from New York.

What I thought: I thought it was pretty good the story moves at a good pace and there's no shortage of funny quips and antagonistic banter between the characters. Deadshot is the leader of the group and almost displays a "Rick Flag" kinda quality to him at times as ironic as that is. El Diablo (pyrokinetic) is the conscience of the group. Black Spider didn't really have much to do in this issue but he seems to be some sort of "ninja". King Shark is doing a lot of biting and Harley is Harley and get's to swing her hammer while getting off good one liners. Waller is kinda directing the mission from a control room via transmitter to Deadshot kinda like Misty Knight in Heroes for Hire. Oh and by the way it looks like Waller has also taken up smoking but please try not to have a mental breakdown over it people and no more whining about Harley's costume please! Also I would be negligent if I didn't mention how great the art is (as seen with this Harley panel) even though there's a handful of pages that seem to be done by a different artist.

What Else You Should Know:
Although we don't get to see Checkmate we get confirmation that Checkmate is part of the DC relaunch universe so that's cool. Also, in the back of the issue there is some Q & A with Adam Glass (the writer) in which among other things he reveals that there will be familiar faces and organizations showing up in the pages of future Suicide Squad issues. Oh the possibilities huh?


  1. Makes me wish there was a local comic shop so I could get my hands on this title.

  2. i live within 30 minutes of at least 6 comic shops. but then there's other aspects of life out here in the S.F. Bay Area i have to deal with as outlined in my email to you recently. it's a trade off my friend :)

  3. exactly. They don't call it "life in the slow lane" up here for nothing. I'll take it though.

    And FYI thanks for the nod to Escape from New York. One of my favorite non-horror flicks that deserves more air time than it's gotten in the last 20 years. I haven't seen that movie air on TV since college.

  4. That's the movie with Kurt Russel?
    If it is It's been around the same time I last saw it, but I didn't put it in the horror genre. Maybe sci-fi...?
    Friends, in here, I get my comics in Lisbon and I don't live in Lisbon, so I only get them if I go there on purpose to get them or if I go for another reason and use the ocasion to get them.
    Not that it is too far away, but gasoline is 1,5 something the Lt and I have put everything on the balance. There are things to complain everywhere.
    Nice post Dan. I'm readding Suicide Squad, and eager for Boomerang as Christmas present from DC.
    This is geting interesting :)

  5. yes that's the one with Kurt Russel and it does certainly fall under the category of sci-fi. i think pretty much everybody is looking forward to seeing ol Digger back on the team.
    so Aliera let me get this straight. are there actual comic shops in Portgugal or more just places that have some comics along with other reading material? and do these places have current books so that you can collect something new like this series just as i do for example?

  6. There are a considerable sum of comics stores in Portugal. The ones I know and buy from are in Lisbon but I'm sure there are more around. They sell comics and graphic novels and action figures, magazines and Anime. You now all to keep a geek at heart happy. Some of the stores also sell other books, mostly fantasy or Sci-fi.
    Ans yes, with a delay of some weeks, sometimes a month, I they have the current books/comics you are readding now. Plus they order anything I want and I can keep standing orders, which is cool because it gets cheaper (Yes ressecion is in my mind these days).
    I honed my english readding Dragon Lance back in the day :)

  7. oh that is so cool! they didn't have any comic shops in Brazil or in Israel. i would really love to go inside a comic shop in Portugal i bet that would be the weirdest experience! thanks for sharing!

  8. Why weirdest?
    Most of the comics are in english.
    You'd feel at home.

  9. oh i assumed they would mostly be in Port. but i meant "weirdest" in a very cool way :)

  10. Sorry. by non-horror I just meant that Horror movies are my favorite. Sci Fi is a close second though.

  11. I can't wait to get my hands on an issue or two myself. Just waiting for a day without children to make the run out of city to my own comic shop. It's been a while since I took the trip, and since I lost my glasses I have the perfect excuse to head to the big city.

  12. Hey, David my boy, can you read my mind? We have the same brain - and I want a refund, ha!

    Great review mate.