Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cheshire verses Elektra and what's in Hebrew a name?

As fucked up as Roy Harper's life was there was at least one upside to it. He was getting it on with Cheshire at one point which almost made all that grief worth it. According to her wiki page she's half French, half Vietnamese and crazy as a shit house rat which means she's an exotic looking woman that's garunteed to rock your world in the bed room. Catman might know something about that too by the way. So moving on, Elektra needs no introduction. So here we have two of some of the top Femme Fatales in the Marvel and DC Universe. Which is the deadliest warrior?

 The Hayoth derives it's name from the four living beasts of Ezekiel and revelations.

The Specter # 15 (Left Click to enlarge)
Ramban takes his code name from a great Kabbalist mage of old. He is the leader of The Hayoth and in terms of his powers he's basically the Jewish version of Marvel's Dr. Strange. Ramban has the Hebrew symbol for Aleph on his chest.

Suicide Squad #47 (Left Click to enlarge)
With similar powers to that of Marvel's Sandman, Golem takes his code name from a mythical creature made of clay or mud from ancient Jewish folklore. Typically a golem was animated through magic for a specific cause and possessed great strength and was largely invulnerable to conventional attacks.
Dybbuk is a sentient program that is interfaced with Israel's military and intelligence service computer network. Dybbuk also helps coordinate Hayoth field operations. The code name Dybbuk also comes from Jewish folklore which has to do with a dislocated soul that was able to possess people.

Suicide Squad #60
Judith takes her code name from a name in Hebrew that means "praised". She is The Hayoth's assassin, spy master, saboteur, weapons expert and all around martial arts femme fatale. A hypothetical show down between her and Cheshire or Elektra would also be pretty interesting. Although not on Bronze Tiger's or Batman's level she's been able to hold her own against them in combat for a duration of time. 

Let me go back to Marvel for a moment since I'm giving you all the low down on the code names for these Israeli superheros. I'm sure most of you know the Sabra character. An actual sabra is the Hebrew word for a pear like desert cactus fruit that's bristling with thorns. Aside from superhuman strength and the ability to fly Sabra fires energy quills that are powerful enough to even hurt The Hulk. Sabra works for Mossad which is Israel's version of the CIA (in real life too). Mossad is the Hebrew word for department. The word sabra is also slang for for native born Israelis.

Coming soon, Roy Harper and Cheshire fan art along with more fan art and cosplay.


  1. I know some Judite girls (Portuguese for Judith).
    They probably don't know the name's origins.;)
    I think Electra has her head over her shoulders. Cheshire is cute and deadly but too unstable and a liability, so I think,and comics prove it, that Electra is more able to finnish whatever she is intent on doing than Cheshire.

    1. so the more level headed warrior wins the day huh? that's a reasonable assessment although we'll see what others have to say. but we might not hear much in the next day or two because this is the start of a holiday weekend here in the U.S. i need to get some sleep over here Aliera it's pretty late talk to you soon. sweet Captain Boomerang dreams to you.

    2. This is true Aliera and Electra fight levels are slightly above Cheshire. Not saying the pussy cat is helpless, because between the two Cheshire is far more dangerous to be around. In a strait up fight though. Electra hands down, she has to many skills and powers.

  2. Elektra hands down. Cheshire takes contracts but Elektra takes the Hand because its about honour over money to her, so she has more to fight for.

    Again really informative post mr, didn't know to much of that but glad I do. One a tangent I learned to right yhe best Hebrew word of all this week in Hebrew. Its such a cool alphabet I'm trying to think of where I can put it in place over the English 'Daniel' now.

  3. Oh, Damn you Shlomo. This was my post :) The Hayoth is another one of those teams that holds weight in my books. The breakdown of characters was perfect man (this was my post). Judith is my girl, deadly skills, none compromising :( and this chic has heart. She fought Bronze Tiger when he was in murder stage. Judith and BT ran missions together she knows what he does to enemies and fought him anyway. She fought Batman and who ever else think they want to fight (heart).

    Ramban is the other favorite member. Wise, powerful, calm and collected warrior. Does that equal cool? Fuck yea, to me anyway. Both of these two Hayoth members are on my customising list.

    Ahhh, Sabra. My darling baby. She seems to sweet and delicate to be a super powered gov. agent. She did go head to head the with the Hulk (Banner Hulk) and deserves more exposure over there at Marvel. A pear with thorns???? Perfect!

    1. We have a fan!
      I only saw them in SS, but for your enthusiasm, now I'm really curious.

    2. if you go here and scroll about half way down the page you can see a little bit more of the Hayoth from The Spector #15

      and for a full summery of the issue:

      i'm pretty sure aside from the Suicide Squad and that Specter issue, the Checkmate cameo i mentioned in the last posting is the only appearances the Hoyath made in the old DCU.

  4. Dan,
    if you ever run into mel gibson after he's been drinking don't tell him your name is Daniel. he might think your one of those people who are "responsible for all the wars in the world". speaking of the Hebrew you might be interested to know Hebrew is read from right to left instead of English which is read left to right. books written in Hebrew are quite peculiar too because if you were holding one in front of you and starring at the cover the spine would be in your left hand. try to picture that for a moment.

    well i felt it was time to get people a bit more familiar with the Hayoth with a post that was a short n sweet basic break down. i think you would enjoy a trip to Israel because you'd get to see some real life Sabras. hot chicks that are absolute bad asses :

  5. If I met Mel Gibson I wouldnt hear him say anything. I'd be too busy trying to block out my urge to do Mad Max impersonations.

  6. Well, everyone seems to think Electra will win a match against Cheshire... and i think otherwise... Here's my scenario...

    Elektra will beat the living **** out of Cheshire all right. But after a while, she will start feeling dizzy, losing balance... eventually fall to the ground slowly dying while realizing she was poisoned by the "only shot" Cheshire could connect... the end... ^^

    Really like the blog Shlomo! I don't really reply in every post but i do check it everyday to see what you guys have to say! ... if this where a bar... i'll be the quiet one in the corner :P


    1. ya know i had a thought or two about how Cheshire's deviousness might win the day against what is otherwise probably a more skilled opponent. i was just waiting for some one to finally bring it up. glad you're enjoying the blog and to have you come around even once in a while. i'm sure there's plenty folks out there take a peek over here all the time but never let their voices be heard. that makes me sad. honestly, there might even be a tear or two sometimes. i've got more good stuff lined up in the next few days.

      Dan, you better be careful i've got access to more photos of you on face book and i know how to use photoshop.

  7. Nice info dump there Shlomo. Speaking of Dybbuk, I was watching this called "Paranormal Witness", on the Syfi channel, and it was based off this object called a Dybbuk Box. The reader's digest version is, that this Box contained a homemade Ouija board made by this Jewish family in the 1920s. They were trying to conduct a seance, and shit got weird quick one they contacted an evil spirit that wanted to be brought over to this plane. They stopped, and sealed the spirit within this box, with the promise that it never be opened again. Well it did after trading hands/owners multiple times. Suffice to say, the box lived up to its name, causing bad things to happen to anyone in possession of the box. Really cool story.

    And yeah, Cheshire is really good at fighting, but I sincerely believe Elektra's better; plus she has the rare experience of being dead as an emotional edge over Cheshire. But both are very hot though.

    Another cool fight would be throw Lady Shiva in the mix. Who wants a triple threat match?

    @Dan, Mel Gibson......:)

    1. thanks for sharing that story Dale that was interesting. i certainly would never have found that stuff out from watching the sci-fi channel. yeah you can throw all three of those ladies in my direction. i'll be coming out the winner from that mix up.

  8. I still have to go with Elektra. I don't think Cheshire has the market cornered on fighting dirty or sneaky, and I think Elektra would probably negate the need for any of it by just waiting and killing her while she was in one of her "moods" with one of her "fellas" if you get my meaning.
    Hello ninja assassin.

    1. well i think that calls it. the win goes to Elektra.