Saturday, December 28, 2013

The spin starts here

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For those of you who hate the skinny Waller reboot here ya go from artist JJ Kirby. I also love what this guy does with vertigo's cape that's very creative. Be sure to check out more of his stuff at this link he's also got a bad ass Roy Harper as Arsenal piece!

As long as nature has endowed you with the right qualities doing some Amanda Waller cosplay is a piece of cake. It's funny now how whenever I see a curvy black woman in a business suite I automatically think of the character as sure as a Pavlovian dog starts to salivate when it hears a bell.

By Michael Fiffe
 I found this fan art on tumbler at the tail end of December with the following information with it: "Commission: unmasked Count Vertigo with hovering logo plus Deadshot in the background. Suicide Squad die hards will recognize the scene." This is a good example of how typography can be used to enhance an art piece.


  1. Wow! This JJ Kirby chap is one hell of a great artist. Thanks for the heads up, Ben.

  2. Oh he is indeed! I just commented some much deserved praise on the link you posted. Wow what an artist. I love how he just reinvigorated all those characters, and how ready for an animated cartoon or movie they look like.
    Love it.

  3. JJ Kirby is going to be huge! So much of his art is mass it's crazy. He's not quite Joe Mad or Ed McGuinness but his own void in between. And the Wall proves that.

    Michel Fiffe also created that fan made Suicide Squad comic a wee way back. As of last week even I am still getting enquiries to the email address for my blog, from folks looking to buy/find any copies I know of. Work like this, there's no wonder why.

  4. thank you gentlemen I'm glad you enjoyed this upbeat posting finding cool new Squad fan art has that effect on me. but expecting to see me belly aching about again about all things DC in my Jan. 1st posting.

  5. JJ Kirby.....This guy is good. Nice find. He gives the character even more character; very impressive. Waller has set the standard Dave, I too think of Amanda when I see intelligent strength from a heavy set woman in a business suit. But I'll tell ya, CCH Pounder a little heavy or slimmer still says Amanda Waller.

    1. Pounder is a really tough act to follow when it comes to Waller. just like with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Christian Bale as Batman and Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark.