Friday, March 28, 2014

New fan art of the Amanda Waller that we used to know

Just found this awesome piece by chance from an artist who also hates the skinny Waller and has stated that she refuses to ever draw her that way  . . .
Also, you can see more fan art that's popped up this year for The Wall by doing an Amanda Waller key word search on deviant art. It's kinda funny you can always get an idea about how old someone is by finding out what turned em on to this character I've been coming across more and more people who discovered Waller from the Justice League Unlimited cartoon or from some kind of DC online gaming media. Suffice it to say those fans are usually much younger then the old school Waller fans who discovered her back during the Legends mini-series and the Ostrander Squad era.


  1. -But you didn't have to loose the weight!
    Make out like you are thin and my Squad never happened.
    And I don't even like you now.
    You look like a stranger and you're not The Wall.
    No, you didn't have to reboot it!
    Remember when Batman confronted you and you were in the shower?
    I guess that never happened, though.
    Now you're just the Waller that I used to know...

    And that's going to be in my head all day now thanks to you and your title to this entry... Thanks...

    1. The Wallereeer . . I used to know, now she just some chubby chick i used to know : ) There's so many spoofs of that song they might as well do one for Amanda Waller too.

    2. Right? I keep adding more lyrics too...
      My evening is shot now!

  2. Now that's the Wall! Damn does she look like she just steeped outta JLU or what? ....Now you're just some skinny bitch I used to........SOMEBODY!!!!! That I used to know......SOMEBODY!!!!!

  3. Amanda Waller Personified. The artist captured Amanda perfectly, super strategic and ill as Hell.

  4. Batman: Assault on Arkham Trailer "Suicide Squad" . Amanda Waller is classic pre new 52 Amanda "The Wall" Waller voiced by CCH Pounder

  5. DC finally doing justice with Suicide Squad : Assault on Arkham