Thursday, March 20, 2014

Finally, John Ostrander speaks up about the rebooted Waller

This is Amanda Waller, accept no substitute!
"I don’t control what happens with Waller or where she goes or how she looks; she is owned by DC Entertainment and Warners. I knew that going in. She is their property. That said, I think the changes made in her appearance are misguided. There were and are reasons why she looked the way she did. I wanted her to seem formidable and visually unlike anyone else out there. Making her young and svelte and sexy loses that. She becomes more like everyone else. She lost part of what made her unique."

John Ostrander (March 16, 2014)

Special thanks to K.oT. for bringing this to my attention. For the the entire article


  1. Hahaha! I love the tag "skinny Amanda Waller"... I do not love actual skinny Amanda Waller, though. "DC: We take the character OUT of comics!"
    No problem, man. I figured you'd like seeing that he thinks it's bullshit too.

  2. Agreed.
    Did you happen to catch last night's Arrow? It had the debut of the Arrowverse's version of the Squad. I'll be upfront, nice easter eggs(especially about the Ostrander room, and "Waller"'s comment about how at one time or another, we've all been in this room) but aside from that mostly it was the Lyla/Diggle/Deadshot show. BT was hardly used except for a few scenes. I was diassapointed that they'd waste a good talent in Michael Jai White in paying him to appear, but giving from little to do and barely any lines at all.

    Still name-dropped cameos like Waller calling herself Mockingbird, I believe Kobra's name was mentioned, and your favorite anti-hero, Harley Quinn made a voice appearance in an adjoining cell. Maybe it was Tara Strong(Harley Quinn from the B:TAS) who did the voice, 'cause it sure as shit sounded like her.

    Typical bitchiness/double-crossing by Waller, so there was something there.
    And at the end Arrow asks for her and the Squad's help in tracking down Deathstroke. So maybe business will quickly start to pickup once that showdown happens.

    1. Yeah, that was a great episode! I especially loved the scene with Ollie and her at the end. Show is so much better than S.H.I.E.L.D.
      -Tara Strong was credited. So, yeah- Harley! That was a nice little touch. I did not even notice the Ostrander-room! I was still geeking out over the Belle Reve establishing shot... I'm with you on Michael Jai White, Why get him and not USE him. He could make that role great! I really like Deadshot though... and Shrapnel went boom! -How fitting. I'm hoping this was another back-door pilot, because I'd watch the hell outta a Task Force X show!
      I can't wait for Flash! Have you seen him? He looks amazing!

  3. K.o.T, bingo

    Dale, i haven't bothered with that show since that "lesbo" episode you recommended to me early last month. but i would have checked it out at least if i knew the Squad was going to actually show up. but that's typical CW writing they did that on Smallville too with Checkmate and Waller. you get to see em for like maybe 10 minutes toward the end of the episode only to find out the next 2 or more episodes just drone on with crap you don't really care about until eventually you get to an episode that maybe has 15 minutes worth of Waller and Checkmate.
    i just hate all new stuff from DC and Marvel these days the last thing worth following (Young Justice) is gone there's nothing left now except the occasional DC animated movie. as far as any of marvel's animated shows don't even get me started but Agents of SHIELD has improved in the last 2-3 episodes but my DVR didn't record anything this week i'm not sure what's up with that. it's not a great show either but for now it's worth watching at least.

    1. I would have let you know they were going to be on- but you'd just hate on it anyways... so I did not bother.
      S.H.I.E.L.D. was off this week- and next week it's the return of Deathlok in a really crappy, cheap looking "vest" that's supposed to be his costume. It looks bad. Marvel is doing the same as DC with White; hire amazing black actors- put them in shitty costumes and make them bland and boring. It's depressing... because so much potential is there.

    2. Nope, Suicide Squad was front and center for most of the episode.

  4. The skinny Waller lost everything the real Amanda Waller was, the new one lost it all; the dead to rights attitude, the empowered intelligent and dangerous every woman and the strategical mastermind, its all gone.

    With that being said. Last nights episode was on point and brought back apart of the Suicide Squad that was lost. BT didn't have a big part but this was a well balanced episode and perfect set up for a Suicide Squad explosion. I think I'm going to throw up a post just to sort of re-cap the show.

    You guys know I have my problems with Arrow. Last night wasn't one of those problems.

    1. Rock on, man!
      I really enjoyed it too! This whole season has been largely great. A few stinkers here and there- but even the worst episode was more entertaining than A.o.S.
      Skinny Waller sucks- but you can't fault Arrow for using her- since the DCnuU is the status-quo now. The actress does an okay job- it's just not the same character. She was stripped of more than her weight. In a dream-world they would have cast C. C. H. Pounder in the role. Ahhhh, to dream...
      Next episode is gonna be hit or miss... On the plus side Birds of Prey! And on the down side those Huntress eps from season one were some of the worst eps the show ever had, so... We'll see.

  5. well there's a good chance i would have hated last night's Arrow episode cuz so far i've hated everyone i've seen so far but if any of you had given me a heads up i still would have checked it out.

    1. I didn't know either, the DVR is set to tape it so I got two eps back to back, Deathstroke then the Suicide Squad.

      My must see TV line up is

      Hell on Wheels
      Game of Thrones
      the Walking Dead
      NFL network and
      Spartacus (when it was on)

      Arrow has just been a filler. It's ranged from really good to average with some garbage spots here and there. Honestly though Arrow could be great. It's the closest to a serious take on a superhero that I've seen. Smallville had it's moments but no cigar. If they get this Suicide Squad thing right my friend all will be right with the world.

  6. Our bad man.
    But yeah, you would've shit all over that episode, and I couldn't necessarily blame you too much on that.

    But it's still Squad love regardless where it comes from.
    That's better than nothing. Even the Doom Patrol doesn't have its own show, despite what a ratings-getter that show could be.

    @King: I actually dug the Cuntress myself. She's easy on the eyes, and can at least keep up with Arrow for a bit. I'm very much looking forward to the Catfight between her and Canary.

    In the immortal words of Joel Gertner: "CATFIGHT!!!!! CATFIGHT!!!!!! CATFIGHT!!!!!!"

  7. I'm glad he's said something. Now if he'd only do his own creator owned stuff everything would be a-okay.