Tuesday, May 13, 2014

BIG WOW Comic Festival San Jose CA. Greg Rucka

On the DC end of this weekend's con in San Jose I'm hoping to get a chance to have a few words with Greg Rucka. In a way Rucka is almost as synonymous with The Suicide Squad as John Ostrander thanks to his work on Checkmate (volume 2) and on the OMAC Project story line. But in general I've always loved how his writing interweaves history and contemporary geo-politics into his stories which always gave his writing a very "real" feel for me. Needless to say I'll be sure to mention if I get a chance to talk to him is that the New52 Squad title would be way better if he were writing it. As it turns out Rucka was born in San Francisco and grew in the Monterey area which is about a two hour drive south. Ironically San Jose is pretty much at the half way point between the two regions.

By the way at the end of this review for #29 the reviewer mentions that the series is getting cancelled. I found out that #30 is the final issue and a long over due mercy killing for this series but I also found out that it will be relaunched YET AGAIN (volume 2) as "The New Suicide Squad". Ever heard that term "meet the new boss, same as the old boss"?


  1. It definitely needed to die a long time ago. Like after the 1st issue.
    Very cool you get to see Greg Rucka. I'm sure he wants to stay waaaaaaay away from DC right now after the problems he's had with them in the not so-distant past.
    But yeah, a Rucka-penned Squad title? I'd go for that.

    1. well I'm happy to say I did get a chance to chat with Rucka a bit this past weekend although I kept it brief I didn't want to be one of those overly annoying fan boys. i'll be posting some video links from the con over at the Rom blog in just a bit.