Sunday, May 11, 2014

Wild Things

Let me go off the beating Suicide Squad track for a bit with a 1988 Action Comics Weekly (#615) I recently grabbed from a 3 for $1 box. It had a Wild Dog on the cover and I hadn't read anything with him since his debut late 80s mini-series. The Action Comics Weekly issue was a short story and it was just the first part of an ongoing story line to be continued in the next issue but I dug it. It's a shame this character never really caught on better I do think the full page promo for him back in the day did generate a fair amount of initial interest in the character. I know speaking for myself I didn't like the art work in that debut mini-series it wasn't bad per se but it just didn't suite the feel and theme of the character and story line. It's kinda like try to imagine steve ditko drawing the Punisher instead of Mike Zeck and I think you'll see what I mean.

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There was another short story in the issue for the Teen Titans that focused on Cheshire. Talk about somebody who's able to compartmentalize their emotions she goes from being a sadistic assassin to the eternal loving mother later in the story when she goes home to her daughter Lian. I barely knew of the character before Young Justice but since that series I've picked up quite a bit of back issues from discount boxes with titles that have her in it. I'll end this posting with my customary fuck you to Cartoon Network and DC Comics for letting Young Justice get cancelled after just two awesome kick ass seasons.


  1. You did not like Terry Beatty's art?
    -Max Collins and Terry Beatty are the shit! "You don't need a name to die." But I'm probably just bias on account of I think Ms. Tree is one of the greatest comics of all time.
    That's the start of the Fatal Distraction storyline... Action Comics Weekly was a fun book. It's easy and cheap to track 'em down too. Everyone should read Wild Dog! Where was my Fool-Killer / Wild Dog crossover from back in 1996 is what I want to know! -Damn that would be an awesome comic.

    As far as Young Justice... blame Time Warner, not DC. DC itself does not control what is canceled or stays on the air. You can blame DC for the Nu52 all you want, though. (But I'm super into Justice League 3000, and Futures End! Future-story-lines are the only thing not ruined by that horrible new continuity! It's nice.)

    Steve Ditko's Punisher would be hilarious! I'd buy it.

    I like Cheshire- but hated the Cheshire-cat mask... a little too on the nose.

    1. well then fuck Time Warner too. ditko doing Punisher is something i certainly hope not to live long enough to ever see. as for Cheshire i liked the YJ version just fine. speaking of cartoons a friend of mine finally talked me into watching a couple of episodes of Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes (with Kang) it wasn't the worst stuff i've seen from marvel cartoons but it was still quite a suck fest. absolutely inferior in every way to YJ. and speaking of Wild Dog and The Punisher check this out if you haven't seen it already

    2. by the way K.o.T your boy Ron Lim is going to be at the Con in San Jose this weekend too as well as Brian Stelfreeze. from what i've seen of Lim's work i think he could do justice to The Punisher and Wild Dog.

    3. Yeah- fuck Time Warner!!! Fucking bastards...

      Avengers: EMH was good enough- not my favorite but it was the best Avengers cartoon to ever exist. So there's that.
      I never cared for the animation style but it was fluid enough. I felt like they shoved wayyyy too much plot into that series. It was overkill. There was just too much going on all at once from episode to episode... Young Justice did it subtly... EMH smacked you across the face with it constantly. Still, I liked it as a one-time watch. I marathoned the first 10 episodes and watched the rest weekly until I had to marathon the last 6 or so... It played better weekly.
      Anything is gonna be inferior to Young Justice; that's not fair- not every show can be that perfect. I think it compares well with Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes though.

      Well, tell Ron Lim you know someone who thinks he is the best Silver Surfer artist to ever draw the comic. Only Kirby and Allred even come close. Besides those top three- I've never liked anyone else's pencils on the character.

      Also, I am currently drafting an email/petition for an ALL NEW MARVEL NOW Punisher comic by Steve Ditko. It may be the death of you.

    4. ya know that whole snapping your neck thing is starting to sound more appealing by the minute but i'll pass along your message to Lim if i get a chance to say anything to him i have the feeling he's going to be one of the harder artists to get a word in with over there.

    5. My neck is un-snapable, son!

      Yeah, IF you even see him... For sure.