Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Finally some new fan art from The Squad of the old DCU

Awesome sketch art by guinnessyde
I dunno about the rest of you but it's just fucken Harley Quinn over kill for the past couple of years now. So sick and tired of seeing nothing but "Suicide Squad" cosplay or fan art piece with Harley and a giant mallet or baseball bat. This is aside from my over all disdain for the false DCU it makes me not want to bother with looking for cool Suicide Squad related stuff to post any more. And lately all this shit from the upcoming movie has been saturating the net. I know I'll see the movie at some point but like with the new Star Wars movie I refuse to get caught up in all the hype. Any ways, this morning I just gave it a shot and looked for some stuff and as luck would have it I found this. A damn good sketch from The Ostrander era Squad, that's a potent combo.


  1. Love it! Can;t put my finger on a particular artist or style, but I dig it nonetheless.
    I have zero interest in watching the upcoming SS movie, and that was even before the reveal of Jared Leto's version of the Joker. All they had to say was Will Smith(especially as Deadshot) and I was like NO! That Horrible Leto Joker was a nasty bonus.

    1. prior to his role as The Joker Heath Ledger had never been or done anything that I ever cared for. and in the case of Jared Leto he did a real good job playing an eccentric character in The Dallas Buyer's Club so i'm willing to keep an open mind. Will Smith is awesome but as Deadshot I do have some mixed feelings. anyways, the movie will be whatever it is the best thing to do for now is not get all caught up in the hype and speculation.

  2. I'm not denying Leto's acting chops, its just the visual I can]t get past. Those fucking tattoos man. They fucking horrible. And then they gave em to their Harley to? Pass.

  3. As much as I don't like Will Smith as Deadshot I'm pulling for this movie to be good. The future of the Squad might depend on it.