Sunday, January 10, 2016

Luke McDonell Suicide Squad commission fan art 2014

Found this on Comic Art Fans last night. It's seldom that I find some fan art from this era of The Suicide Squad it's too bad I didn't find this in time to feature it for the first day of 2016. In case anyone was wondering I still could care less about the DC relaunch and it goes with out saying I don't follow it whats so ever including whatever is going on with the so called Suicide Squad these days. As for the upcoming movie, not really following the hype I'm content to see how it turns out when it hits theaters. Probably gonna play it safe with a matinee.


  1. Wow. Says 2014, but just as easily could pass for late 80's.
    I hear you on the upcoming Squad movie. It's being celebrated for all the wrong reasons, and not the suspense and character-driven movie it could've been. Oh well......

    1. like i said we'll see as far as The Squad movie goes but for now i'm totally stoked for Dawn of Justice that movie just can't come out soon enough for me. just got around to seeing James Bond this past weekend i enjoyed it it made for a great send off film for Daniel Craig as 007. i saw your comment on the ROM blog i replied with a near miss new comic book shopping expereince you and K.o.T might find interesting.