Friday, January 22, 2016

OK I have to admit this new Suicide Squad trailer has me a bit more enthusiastic

I coincidentally stumbled across this new trailer that I have to admit has me a bit more interested in this movie. I'm not going to get into a long winded explanation about what makes it cool aside from the trailer playing to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody I think that should be pretty self evident for any one who has any familiarity with The Suicide Squad. I enjoyed the trailer and that's it I haven't bothered watching any of the reaction videos of fan boys rambling on with endless speculation about every little fucken thing in each frame of the uploaded trailer video. I mean chill out, the movie won't be out for almost another 8 months. It doesn't change any of the issues I have with the movie but maybe they just won't matter quite as much to the point where I will be able to enjoy seeing it.

It was actually some movie news pertaining to Dawn of Justice I was looking at when I by chance discovered this new Squad trailer. I just learned that the woman that's going to be playing Wonder Woman is Israeli actress Gal Gadot. I think it's kinda ironic that the actors playing Superman and Batman are not Jewish even though the characters were originally created by Jews where as the actress playing Wonder Woman is Jewish even though the creator of Wonder Woman was not.  


  1. Damnit Shlomo, trying really hard not to sound like that angry guy who always shits on things before they come out, but....yeah, no. While the inclusion of Bohemian Rhapsody was a nice touch, it's still a hard "NO" from me on this. I'll say this though, much like the F4 movie from last year(which I read could've been a lot better and more faithful to the source material if they had actually went with the original script) if I'd never heard of the Squad and was not familar with the original source material and the history, I might actually (still don't care for Will Smith) be really interested in this modern remake of the Dirty Dozen but w/super-powers. Instead, it just feels to me like the movie here is just like that one kid or guy you know who tries so hard to be cool so that he'll be liked by his peers.
    On one hand I hate it already, because if its a success , we might see a sequel, but on the other, its good for business and DC, if it does do well. Then maybe other non-JL teams and characters can finally be considered to be made into movies, such as my beloved Doom Patrol, or the Metal Men, or other 2nd/3rd-tier characters. Very difficult position for me here, but hey, that's life.

    1. movie might be better then we're expecting or maybe the trailer had most of the best it has to offer. we'll find out for sure in August, until then i'll just say i enjoyed the trailer and leave it at that. took the Marvel Untold Story book back to the library yesterday afternoon actually after having browsed it a bit more this weekend. i think i got everything out of it that i needed to. i saw that you recommended i give it a thorough reading but that's just not gonna happen with my attention deficit syndrome when it comes to real books. as for hating marvel i don't need much more in the way of reasons i already did long before i checked out that book at the library and frankly my opinion of IDW isn't a whole lot better at the moment. doesn't sound like that monster storm slamming the east coast right now is giving you much trouble.

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