Sunday, January 15, 2017

I guess KOBRA had a "heart attack" in the old DCU

I found this image on the KOBRA DC Wikia page so now I finally know what happened to one of my favorite villains in the old DCU. Well I suppose it was a fitting end for him after all he was a terrorist and a regular nemesis for both Checkmate and The Suicide Squad. The Janus Directive was just one good example of that. There's the kind of heart attack you get as a result of health issues and then there's the kind you can get from just pissing off Black Adam. So let's move on to what else I've got for you no comment leaving ingrates.
I just happened to come across this good video on youtube that explains the history of the Suicide Squad reiterations in the New DC Universe. What I liked about it is how it underscores the points I had made for the past few years about everything that was wrong with the Suicide Squad's reboot. A point I tried to make to the initial writer Adam Glass when I found him on facebook years ago . . .

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Ofcourse I ended up dropping the series during Glass's tenure as the writer feeling like he just wasn't picking up what I was laying down to him. The next reiteration known as The "New" Squad Squad written by who ever was pretty much more of the same ol same ol with the exception of Deadshot finally having his signature facial hair. But today I feel total vindication since clearly DC felt it necessary to reboot The Squad yet again with a line up that to date is the closest thing we've seen since the Ostrander era.


  1. Yeah you no comment-leaving ingrates, take that! Ha ha. No, you know I defintiely know your pain buddy.
    My personal viewpoint on the renewed interest in the Squad both from DC and fans is a mixed bag. It's a mixede bag for me, because the squad's really more popular and become a priority ever since they threw Harley Quinn on there. Call me a purist, but I wish the group wasn't doing so good due to just her, and more about the quality of stories being told with the rest of the cast and because of the love for Ostrander's work on the title. But alas, take the good with the bad, because at least their finally getting their due, even if it's solely because of one member.

    1. well i would probably give the Suicide Squad a bit more credit then to say it's success is "solely" based on Harley Quinn. after all the Ostrander run in the old DCU made it to 66 issues with some of the core members growing in popularity in the years after like Deadshot, Capt. Boomerang and especially Amanda Waller. but ofcourse the addition of Harley was a big booster in interest for newer readers there's no doubt about that. yeah figured you'd like the "no comment-leaving ingrates" remark.

  2. I'd actually prefer a Secret Seven movie, but I like what we have. The DCMU only has 3 movies out thus far' I think it'll do fine in the future.

  3. just posted this today:

    It's their top 15 list of the weirdest members of the Suicide Squad. Probably mainly Phew52 era picks, but might be still interesting?

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