Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sociopaths, secret agents and stealthly burglers, welcome to the Suicide Squad

One of the cool things that helped make things interesting in the Suicide Squad is that it was not just made up of criminals trying to buy off prison time. The team was a "trail mix" of all sorts of people with special powers and talents. Tom Tresser a.k.a. Nemesis was something of a secret agent type that was a master of disguise, espionage and in general quick on his feet in dodgy situations. He would have been perfect for the Squad if not for that inconvenient and unwavering sense of morality of his. Which should come as no surprise put him at odds with Waller from time to time. He always felt like he owed people something rather it was Uncle Sam, Rick Flag or Even Eden ( Nightshade, who he had a thing for) that had him coming and going through out much of the Suicide Squad's 65 issues.

Adam Cray was a cat burglar who Waller recruited to steal the original Atom's (Ray Palmer, who was presumed dead at the time) size changing belt from his ex-wife. He used it as the "New" Atom and worked for Waller for a while. He was something of a novice super type, but an effective team member that also happened to have a good sense of humor and was an all around likable guy. Unfortunately some of Palmer's enemies who thought the New Atom was Palmer in disguise eventually caught up to him and nailed him, literally.

If there is any member of the Suicide Squad that could make characters like Capt. Boomerang and Werner Vertigo look like socially well adjusted people it would no doubt be Cliff Carmichael a.k.a The Thinker. Thanks to some sophisticated micro circuitry installed in his brain this certifiable sadistic psychopath had the ability to make people do his biding by telling them verbally ( just like Maxwell Lord before Wonder Woman broke his neck). This power however only worked on someone who could understand what he was saying. In one instance Carmichael attempted to get someone under his control who was within ear shot but unknown to Carmichael his would be victim didn't speak English for which there was no effect. In the Suicide Squad story arc we learn that Carmichael was involved in some sort of cyberspace cat n mouse game with Oracle who we now know to be the paraplegic Barbara Gordan living at the time under the false identity Amy Beddoes. Carmichael eventually tracks down Gordon (in the real world) and nearly kills her had it not been for the timely intervention of Amanda Waller. Waller finds a way to black mail Carmichael into working for the Squad but eventually finds Carmichael to be too dangerous and unstable. Carmichael sells out the Squad to Amanda's enemies on two occasions but manages to escape Waller's wrath the first time.
The second incident involved Gen. Eiling's coup during a Squad mission that Carmichael was instrumental in helping orchestrate. Carmichael's treachery was put to an abrupt end by King Faraday who shot Carmichael several times in the head and chest. This was after Faraday himself had been shot by Carmichael and presumed dead but unknown to Carmichael Faraday had worn a bullet proof vest. "Cliffy" provided some great moments in the pages of the Suicide Squad but it was time for somebody to put him down. Little did I know Carmichael was a character in Firestorm before appearing in the pages of the Suicide Squad


  1. Carmichael had to have some good thing going on him, even if it was just showing he could be worst than anybody else.
    I always liked Tresser, and loved his character in Wonder Woman. Just hated what they did to him recentely, but who knows? He's in jail, might just be picked for tha Squad again.
    A Very Merry Christmas to you David, and every body who reads your blog.

  2. muito obrigado Aliera. truth be told i don't celebrate X-Mass but your holiday wishes are never the less warmly received and appreciated. as is your participation on this blog. there was a story line within the original series called "The Dragons Horde" in which the Squad took on a mission that among other things had Boomerang and Carmichael working together. needless to say they didn't get along too well but it made for some of the best moments for both characters.
    i'm not sure at this time if i will be posting any more for the rest of the year. but i can say that i have around 6 - 7 postings already drafted that i think you and everyone will really enjoy which i will start publishing New Years day for sure.
    in the mean time Aliera i do hope you and every body else who celebrates X-mass and reads this blog has a good one. i don't know about Port. but many Americans like myself feel a lot of uncertainty about the New Year. things have been very bad here for the past couple of years and at the moment it doesn't look like 2011 will be much better.

  3. that whole bit with Cliffy getting that guy to kill his wife just cracked me up a classic Squad moment for sure!