Saturday, March 12, 2011

14 years old with suicidal tendancies

One day way back in 1987 this knuckle head friend of mine who was always buying the first issues because he thought they'd be worth money some way showed me a copy of SS#1. It started off rock n' rollin right away with that training session Jihad attack on the airport and concluded with the Task Force X mission briefing with a introduction to all the members. I would say probably at the time Boomerang was the stand out member given his inability to keep his mouth shut. So I got my own copy with the intent to see how things go in the next issue.
Issue #2
is off to a good start by giving me a laugh over what Boomerang is thinking about Nightshade's boobs. Shocking huh? But hey I was 14 at the time. That issue really kicked ass because of four main reasons. That being the way each member of the Squad took down their targets, Plastique's betrayal, Nemesis revealed as a double agent (who takes her down) and Mind Boggler getting gunned down at the end. I mean it's more nuanced then that but that's it in a nut shell.
So I'm ready for issue # 3 at this point. I knew and liked Darkseid pretty well but my familiarity with The Female Furies was scant. But I thought hey, a bunch of ugly broads from Apocalypse trying to pull a prison break at a maximum security federal prison that has Task Force X gimme a break! Oh boy was I ever wrong! Task Force X get their asses handed to them by the Furies big time. Those were some bad ass bitches I have to say I was surprised and impressed.
The thing about issue #4 that had me kinda leery at first was it's rather unimpressive cover. I was really wondering if things were about to go down hill at this point but I got it any ways on the strength of the first three issues. Surprise surprise wrong again! Another great read involving a plot that deals with contemporary race relation issues while at the same time developing the members of the Squad even more. It was an all around well written story with a great A-Team like ending. I mean sometimes I love it when a Task Force X plan comes together.
And that was pretty much it. I got side tracked at one point as far as getting the book on a monthly basis and some years later had to go hunt down a shit load of back issues to complete my collection which was a real pain in the ass. But basically I've been suicidal ever since and loving it.


  1. I started liking SS in this very sill issue when Capt Boomerang was caught using Mirror Master's equipment.
    And all of the Squad decided to play a prank on him, sending both of his Alias on a mission, on two separate teams. And he spent the time changing costumes and gear and making up excuses for his absence everywhere.
    Until he was predictely caught and lost whatever the privileges he had working on the squad.
    Afterward I chassed the other issues and started liking many other characters in SS, but Boomerang remained my favorite.

  2. i remember that issue. in America that's what we would call a "tongue & cheek" kinda story. and yes i know how Boomerang is your favorite character. i'm sure it's only a matter of time before you nick name your son Digger.

  3. My first issue was #4, and I had to track back laterm but I was sold from that issue. Loves the Mission Impossible feel of it.