Monday, March 7, 2011

I believe in miracles . . Amanda Waller, you sexy thang

I stumbled across one of the most ingenious comic book covers ever conceived. I had seen this issue before many many years ago and thumbed through the pages but it wasn't until I came across the cover online a few days ago did I remember about it. Hopefully, none of you out there are scratching your heads over why I say this cover is so clever and cool. Because if so, your heads may be some place they shouldn't be. As far as I know there is nothing supernatural about the story line here. This has to do with Waller helping the Blue Beetle (the late Ted Kord R.I.P.) over come some sort of mental conditioning. The clip art I provided isn't Blue Beetle suddenly coming down with a case of jungle fever (not consciously at least) it's just that things got a bit out of hand at one point just like in the movie The Exorcist. In fact, Waller ends up giving the Beetle a bit of a beat down in order to subdue him and keep working on "debugging" him. That's pretty much all I remember from the issue please if any body else out there knows more share it with the rest of us.
Now, here's something else I came across on the internet as it pertains to Amanda Waller. This bit of clip art is from the pages of Checkmate that shows Waller in a way we don't really get to see her often. One of the things I always liked about the art work in Checkmate is how they drew Waller. They stuck to the basic concept look of the Amanda Waller character but feminized her quite a bit. Which I actually think was kinda nice. I mean just because Vixen is a hot supermodel does that mean only she is allowed to change her hairstyle in the last 20 years? I think the White Queen should be allowed to change things up a bit too if she feels like it. And although as far as I know Waller has never had a love interest who's to say that she doesn't need some companionship from time to time. But I'll tell ya what Amanda Waller being made bit easier on the eyes doesn't take anything away from her as the bad ass that she is.
If I had the rest of the page this panel went to you'd see that the White Queen has already gotten the drop on a Kobra agent who snuck into her hotel room. When she concludes her phone call she determines that interrogating the wounded would be assassin is unnecessary and proceeds to conclude the Kobra agent's visit by casually popping a few caps in their ass. All hail the White Queen!


  1. I want to see the Wall in a Weight Watchers commercial.

  2. Hey, even badass black ops government officials like to feel pretty sometimes too. Nothing wrong with a little lace on the nightgown.

  3. Love that cover. Some of us appreciate a nod to the horror classics Dave. I read the book, which is even better than the movie if you can believe it.

  4. Its posts like these were I start to wonder how cool it would be to have The Wall and Nick Fury meet - or maybe The Baroness?

  5. Siskoid, how dare you say such a thing to my favorite plus size hot chocolate ball buster.

    Barb, well said what was needed here was a woman's point of view. in fact i'll go even further and say that if i was some Task Force X intern and walked in on the Wall in this panel and she was down for some i'd tap that. ya know i just had to stear that back into the direction of a male point of view.

    Craig, i never saw it in theaters but even when it was on TV The Exorcist scared the living shit out of me as a kid. i think i saw it the first time on that late night show Creature Feature. Linda Blair's eyes especially just freaked me out i couldn't get that stare out of my head. every time the priests would get close to her i'd be like "dude! are you crazy don't touch her! who knows what she's going to spit out next".

    Dan, now that is one kick as Marvel Vs. DC match up. but some kind of joint adventure against a common threat would be pretty awesome as well like with the X-Men/Titans cross over. as for the Baroness she'd be good in anything. in fact that was just about the only good thing about that fucken piece of shit movie. i want my money back and the 1 1/2 hours of my life the cinema from me that day.

  6. Amanda is amazing and many times brutal and I never saw any inconvinient in being efficient and feminine.
    I think she looks great in that pic.
    Indeed at marvel they use a lot of girly/womanly looking efficient agents in S.H.I.E.L.D. and out of it and I think the stories don't lose anything for it. It’s quite the opposite in my opinion.
    Amanda would be “the Wall” in whatever outfit she choose to wear.

    I always loved this cover, fot the nod to the Exorcist, and for it self.
    It's "Classy".

  7. "for"
    There should be a possibility for editing the post you make. I always find tipos after I post.

  8. I agree Dave. That movie was a 2 hour suckfest. It was better than I thought it was going to be, but that's not a compliment by any stretch. The Baroness was the best part of it... and what they did to her character and backstory was unexcusable. I liked Ray Park as Snake Eyes, but I wish they'd done a bit more with him.

    Aliera, I'm with you. I always find my f-ups after I hit [Post Comment], or [send], or [print]. The worst is when I email out a quote and find an error not one minute later.

  9. Ray Park was cool as Toad in the first X-Men movie. i liked him also as Darth Maul (well who didn't that was the only good thing about that pile of shit movie) but of course there too he was underused with his whopping two fucken lines.
    as far as the type os people don't sweat the little stuff it's not like every body doesn't know what your saying. the important thing is that your comments are always respectful and civil toward one another.

    . . . . yeah right!

  10. Ah. I love you guys. I really really do.

  11. and we love that you don't know enough to stay away from us.

  12. I didn't mean that I wanted her to lose weight. I meant that she suddenly did.

  13. She' s doing more field work, so that could acount for fitness.