Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Multiplex, the Star Trek security guards in red shirts of Task Force X

I can't believe I've gotten this far on this blog site with out really having much of anything to do with Multiplex. I've known about the character since his early Firestorm villain days but he was never really of any interest to me. One of the things is that for a guy who's power is to make multiple copies of himself running around in an elaborate caped costume seemed kinda silly to me. He just had a look that was more suited for being the head honcho of some super criminal organization or evil cult like Brother Blood or Kobra. But since he started working for Waller sometime after the regular Suicide Squad 1 -75 series he's been sporting this "Tron" look which I think looks much much better.
My favorite thing about the character is how his "duploids" keep getting killed. And the way they get killed sometimes cracks me up even if it is a bit gruesome now and then. In the clip art here you see Scandal Savage from the Secret Six trying to take one of them hostage at Belle Reve. As you can see here it's a great scene for a number of reasons one of them being the dialogue. Magnify the image to read it easier. More information of the Multiplex character can be found here: http://www.ask.com/wiki/Multiplex_%28comics%29

This will probably do it for this month unless Brightest Day #24 has something good but kicking off May we'll have some stuff from DC's 52 series, Operation Salvation Run and show how Waller was successfully blackmailed into resigning as Checkmate's White Queen! Who could possibly be smart and shrewd enough to do that you ask? You'll find out here next week.

Also today, Task Force X Retirement files 040-043
Sports Master, Major Victory, Adam Cray (Atom II) and Ray Palmer


  1. I didn't knew of that first costume. What is it with these characters and capes?
    I like the new costume much better, and I think Multiplex is a VERY useful character.
    I'd hire him to clean my house.
    So many people would do it in a second! Do you know how hard it is to keep clean a house with 2 kids?
    I'd be Waller's best friend for his services :D
    About his doubles dying, doen't he care? He doesn't seem to care at all. Is that what makes him a psicopathic good member of Suicide Squad?
    Jamie Madrox isn't as aloof when one double of him dies.

  2. you are too funny Aliera! i don't have kids but i understand what you mean about the house cleaning help. yeah your right about Jamie Madrox and his doubles. in a panel of the "Out of of the Ashes" Suicide Squad 2008 mini-series they show Bronze Tiger helping Madrox stay on his feet right after one of his doubles gets shot in the head. he then says "i hate it when one of me gets killed".

  3. Multiplex is the reverse Firestorm (fission of characters instead of fusion) so of course his original costume is a baroque, asymetrical thing, just like Firestorm's!

    But I too like the new costume, though it's almost a different character and perhaps a little too derivative of the similarly-powered Maddrox from DC's Marvelous competition.

  4. I miss Jamie Maddrox. He was one of my favorite tier-three X-Men.

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