Friday, June 3, 2011

The Eye of the Tiger: fan art by Stuart Sayger and more!

You see this full body drawing of Bronze Tiger with the white background to the left? It's out of an early DC Who's Who issue that came out around the mid 80s. I had that issue and it was my first look at Bronze Tiger. I didn't know anything about him including that he's wearing a tiger mask. At the time I thought he was some sort of human/tiger hybrid or something.
Which is ironic cause during the Dragon's Horde saga in the original Suicide Squad series he would encounter a meta-human martial arts Yakuza strong man called Cats Eye who apparently was some sort of human/tiger hybrid. Cats Eye got the best of BT thanks to some poison tipped claws but on their next encounter BT was ready for him and gave that pussy (no pun intended) a serious beat down in hand to hand combat.

That's what I love about BT how he can take on these super powered opponents and kick their asses or at least hold his own with em rather it's Cats Eye or the Soviet super soldier known as Stolnivok (The Steel Wolf) who BT has also faced more then once. Speaking of which I found this clip art of BT going head to head with Deathstroke that I thought was pretty cool. I don't know what title it came from but if you do don't take that secret to your grave. There are so may awesome hypothetical cross over fights I could imagine for BT. How do your think he fair against the likes of Iron Fist, Shang Chi, Black Panther, Snake Eyes, Daredevil or even Captain America?

To see the rest of this awesome showdown go to: I don't think I've had nearly enough Bronze Tiger in this blog site thus far so I'm really glad I've finally gotten around to doing this posting. And that's also why I'm glad I can feature this amazing rendering of Bronze Tiger that I just found by pure luck on the internet by Stuart Sayger. I'm not sure but this could be an ink brush painting or just simply a painting done using black paint. Either way it's awesome, and I love this slightly old style Japanese painting look it has to it. It also works great in black and white. Nicely done Stuart if your reading this!


  1. I Love Bronze Tiger. I believe he can stand his grond agains almost anyone.
    For me Deathstroke is the Big Bad Fighter. I was very impressed with him when I was a little girl since his first appearances in Teen Titans, and the impression stuck.
    Tiger kicked Deathstroke = Tiger is very good indeed, in my book.
    First time I saw images of Bronze Tiger, I thought he had a real tiger hed, which I felt was ridiculous, and was relieved to find he was actually an atractive dark skinned muscled athletic man.
    I don´t really like the mask untill now, specially because it is sometimes drawn like a tabby cat mask, and not so much like a Tiger.
    Even so, I like that clip art even if I think he looks a bit pussy there :)

  2. Hi Aliera! :) i do like the mask although i don't always like the way it's drawn either. but i like the whole concept of how Ben was mentally trained as part of his past brain washing to become a different person when he puts on the mask on. gosh, i sure wish i was an "atractive dark skinned muscled athletic man".

  3. LOL!
    I wrote all that in one breath, afraid it wouldn't be posted, and didn't check any spelling. I read it now and it is appalling.
    One of my favorite scenes with Bronze Tiger was almost at the end of SS, when all of them have those hallucinations, facing their fears, and he finds “little Ben” in his, and overcomes his past.
    I thought he would never use the mask afterwards, but alas, he did.
    He is one of those characters you rut for. Could have been better used recently, but then again, so could all the other SS characters.
    You don’t need to be “dark skinned, muscled and athletic”. You’re the Dave we all know and love.

  4. Hey you two, could you hang a sock on the doorknob or something?

    I'd like to see a more stylized mask myself. Not all "Power Rangers" looking but maybe something tribal (I'd like to see the same for Black Mask for that matter). It would make the character look less like an extra from Cats and more like a badass street fighter.

  5. That whould be better.
    I rebembered that guy with a cat/tiger head whose Waller blew up at the last season. was he cats eye?

  6. that guy was some character called the Puma who ended up i Belle Reve after having gotten his ass kicked by Aqualad.
    Craig, i think i know what your meaning is by sock on the door knob but unfortunately that's not gonna happen. Aliera is a happily married woman across the Atlantic with two children. i am however in the process of trying to have her cloned and aged to maturity which is about 40 or maybe a bit higher. i've always had a thing for older women.

  7. and thanks for that "aged to maturity which is about 40" crack. I guess I had that coming. And that fan art is fantastic by the way. I should have stated that in my previous comment. I'd just like to see a different take as well.

  8. A closed door doesn't stop my kids in the least, whether it's bedroom or bathroom. They go for the doorknob first and ask questions later. And knocking? What's that?

    As far as you're concerned, the only picture of you I've seen looks like Captain Boomerang. So I'll play it safe and say "you don't look a day over 21".

  9. @Craig...closed Locked and blocked with a heavy piece of furniture with an extra adult downstairs as bodyguard...maybe you get a shot. And that picture is wicked! One of the best I've ever seen. I'm not sure about a stylized mask, I kinda prefer the realistic one. I think it's scarier. Doesn't remind me of Rum Tum Tigger in the slightest. Besides, I'm pretty sure if someone was dumb enough to make a crack regarding the musical, BT would pretty much own him or her. Just saying.

  10. That Bronze Tiger art is really amazing - especially that lower piece. Even his pose is pretty sweet!

    Thought you'd be all over todays news Dave - as it combines two of your fav's Harley and the Squad?!

  11. Bronze Tiger is badass, and needs his own series without Richard Dragon holding him back. Turner is up there with Elektra and Captain America. He's kick the hell out of Daredevil and most of the rest of the Marvel characters you named.

    1. thats true i wish dc would give bronze tiger his own series on his original story like how marvel did with luke cage but in a martial arts bronze tiger style

  12. That is some great fan art. I've always liked the Bronze Tiger character. I like his direct style, and the fact that he is among the top martial artists in the DCU (probably top 5, I would think, behind Lady Shiva, Richard Dragon, Cassandra Cain and Connor Hawke).

    I hope he has a place in the new DCU.

  13. the Bronze Tiger is the unsung super spy of the DC universe. Why he's not shown kicking major ass all over direct comics escapes me.

    As the hands down best martial arts fighter in any comics verse, a deep an intense backstory and ties to the Dark knight. How could you go wrong?

    Just combine mission impossible and kung fu theater and let the blood and guts land where it may.

  14. mmmm . . call it a hunch but might you be a Bronze Tiger fan OA1?

  15. Let me elaberate on the Tiger being the best fighter period.

    Batman is the best on one side Captain America on the other? Between the two of them it was a draw. Tiger beat the Bat, it should be case closed.

    Just in case it's not. Bronze Tiger also beat Deathstroke, he taught Cassandra and has been the number one most feared LOA assassin in the world.

    Everybody else is under these three fighters. The Tiger is better than all three. The writers and artist don't always show it, but I'm just saying.

    Somebody is going to be brave enough to make some money with this character.

    Long live the Squad.