Sunday, June 19, 2011

Superman & Batman: Apocalypse - another DC movie that doesn't suck! Plus I found a new actress to be Lashina

Ok I just by chance found a series of video clips from a DC movie I didn't know about. IT LOOKS AWESOME! Maybe even better then Superman Batman: Public Enemies. Aside from a ton of great shit in it like Darkseid we also get to see among other great fights a showdown Wonder Woman and Barda have against the Female Furies. This fight is beyond awesome it's got everything over and under weight guys who don't get laid dream of. Including a new look for the Furies that has them looking more feminine and with new costumes that show more skin. Something occurred to me as I was checking out Lashina I thought of another actress that would be a good fit for her, Rona Mitra. She's been in a few high budget B action movies but you may remember her best from Under World: Rise of the Lycans in which she plays an armor clad vampire warrior. She's really hot and athletic of course but she also has this slightly angular face that makes her look kinda hard which is what Lashina should look like. I'm sure all of you know by now how Apocalypse and Lashina (Duchess) especially played a big part in the original Suicide Squad series. Lashina as Duchess was a fan favorite and although we knew it had to happen eventually were really sorry to see her go. Anyways, enough of my gibberish check out this clip. I promise you if you haven't seen it yet IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! One last thing you may need to let it buffer first before you can watch it smoothly.

Look what I just found today Wed. June 22. I have no freaking idea who did this but bless their soul this is hot! This almost makes me wanna start a blog for Lashina alone. As if that girl fight clip wasn't enough now this comes along. I gotta tell yeah folks although I'm looking forward to seeing the new Suicide Squad series I would be so much more excited if they were some how bringing back Lashina for the Squad. It would take truly some genius writing for it to make any sense but damn that would be cool. Please be sure to left click on the image to blow it up. I want it to just jump out at you.
Sometimes I'm not sure which way I like her more. Is she better in the Rambo like get up totting a big ass gun or is she better off in her traditional skin tight dominatrix kinda look? It's like asking if it's better to be respected or feared. is it too much to ask for both?


  1. One of the best girl fight scenes I've ever seen. Especially when Wonder Woman wraps Lashina's whip around her leg and The whole thing with the Furies and Barda is just brilliant. LOVED IT.

  2. And you know, what's her name from Underworld would be a good Duchess, but she'd do a good Barda as well.

  3. ya know i don't know what that is but hot women with muscles, boobs and great fight moves turns me on somethin fierce! any actress that would make a good Duchess would probably work well as Barda too. there's another good fight seen with Wonder Woman and an alternate Earth Super Woman from the JLA Crisis on Two Earths movie in which we get to see Wonder Woman pull some WWF moves. it's too bad they didn't do a better job with that TV show that got nixed. see something along these lines that was live action would have been great to look forward to every week:

  4. I always like it when they do a good fight scene with Wonder Woman. And yeah, that Crisis on Two Earth scene is great. WW really gets to cut loose and hit hard, which is what she's good at. Her fight scenes always seem more brutal than anyone else's. I'd really love it if someone would do Starfire in these. A real Starfire, no the anime teenybopper version from the Cartoon Network show. She would kick some major patooty. Remember how she and Donna used to go at it with the staffs and no powers to keep themselves battle-ready? Sweet! I'd love to see that in cartoon form. I want a real Teen Titans movie. Sorry for the side rant.

  5. Same I love a good WW throwdown - her own animated DVD is killer. It is seriously the best I've sat through from DC Direct so far, well that and All Star Superman.

    The Suicide Squad going to Apokolips was my favourite arc ever in the title. It was just a case of where is the last possible place you'd think the squad would go and lets put them there. Darkseids attitude vs The Wall - now there's a battle of the ego's!

    I agree Random - I'm for the Titans too - Starfire would be a wicked non-manga animation.

  6. Whoa nelly! That is hot! I love that sketch! And you have indeed kept your title as the all around finder of internet superheroine, and supervillainess hottness on the interwebs. Yes, that has a lot of misspelling. I apologize. Personally, I prefer Lashina as the dominatrix. She scares me more that way. Plus, I think she looks cooler fighting when she's dressed like someone who could make you beg and like it.

  7. that is a great sketch. I tried posting up from work yesterday but was having the same problem on that computer. I know I fixed the problem here at home though so here goes.

    I keep hearing how fantastic the Wonder Woman animated movie was but still have yet to find a copy up here. Couldn't even find it to rent when we did have video rental stores (last 2 closed last summer).

    I for one would like to see an actress who actually looks like an amazon warrior play WW. The girl who was slated to play her in the now defunct series was cute, but she just didn't read as a warrior princess.

  8. good point Craig! the producers of the new would be WW TV show failed to understand that the Linda Carter days of WW are a thing of the past. nothing against Carter who i love but these days WW is snapping necks, using WWF moves and exhibits fighting skills with ancient weapons that would make a Spartan soldier envious.

  9. I believe that movie is available for streaming on Netflix. I quite enjoyed it.

    The Wonder Woman movie is not available streaming, but the disc can be ordered on Netflix as well, if that helps.

    David, you do find some good fan art out there.

  10. the commentator here Randomnerd did indeed watch the movie through Netflix. if you like the art work i found for this posting wait until you see what i post on July 1! be warned it won't be PG rated but it'll be pretty hot. thanks for the comments and joining the blog.

  11. That last fanart is amazing.
    Far than being my favorite character, she looks great in that one.
    Today my husband was comenting he saw the actress in "Bones" dressed as Wonder Woman and that worked very well for him.
    I guess he prefers Linda Carter tipe, which by the way, I miss dearly. I'd love to watch those old episodes again.