Friday, June 24, 2011

Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy, a shared moment. And how Blade Runner & Farscape shows us why Harley's new look is cool

Well I know this posting is gonna offend some of you out there who have more delicate sensibilities. I don't know what to tell ya other then when I stumbled across this illustration I felt anything but offended. I'm a guy, this is my blog, Ivy was part of the Squad in the first series and Harley is gonna be part of the Squad in the new series, nuff said. Well who ever out there did this illustration thank you and please let us know who you are if you come across this posting.
As you all know it appears as if Harley is ditching her classic skin tight "jester" like costume in favor of something more punk rock looking. From what I'm seeing out there it seems there are some people taking issue with this for what ever reason. Little did I know since I'm not a gamer this look was already being used for the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game. And for some reason it didn't hit me until I saw the video game looking Harley that she totally reminded me of Daryl Hannah as Priss from Blade Runner which is the best all time dystopia sci-fi film of all time with Children of Men being a close second. That alone should prompt someone to being very receptive to the costume switch. Aside from the white face paint and messy mascara eyes Hannah had that whole playful, sexy psycho thing going on. Now that's got me wondering if the Typhoid Mary character from Marvel was also inspired by Daryl Hannah from Blade Runner. And what about Chiana (Gigi Edgely) from Farscape? Ya see folks that look just works for hot psycho femme fatales you don't wanna mess with.


  1. I do prefer the new Harley Quinn look.
    It was a bit hard to take her serious with those pig tails, even in stories where there was some intent in making her more serious, so, if for the hair cut alone, I do prefer the new look. Also it was time the outgrew The Joker already and matured her personae.
    About the drawing, I don't know if it afects anybody's sensibilities but isn't there anymore savage love being posted? :)

  2. I used Google's cool new image search functionality to find it was drawn by Leeahd Goldberg. You can find his deviant art page here:

    It seems no matter what changes are made to a costume, there will be people who hate it.

    1. Ahwww my boyfriend did that! Thanks for sharing the love and actually citing his work!

  3. No matter what kind of change in anything, there will be more of those who complain, than of those who speak to say they like it. People don't much like change.

  4. i must say i like the pig tails. pig tails denote innocence and playfulness. which is the way Harley comes off even when she's doing or about to do something crazy. it's that contrast that makes her character so appealing.
    it's kinda like how so many guys have that catholic school girl uniform fetish. it's part of that whole "Madonna whore" complex.

    Just_A_Rat, if you run into any more jokers who don't like her new look you just send em here. and for those of you who do like her new look i've got some more great fan art coming soon.

  5. Who wants to be my 20th follower?

    That'll be me, then - turnabout's fair play!

  6. I like the new look, but the blue and red pigtails in the comic trump the video game look I think.

    As for that 5th thumbnail, I hope you weren't planning on adding Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown. He just doesn't fit with the present company.

  7. well Gary i see that i've sufficiently harassed you over on your blog enough so as to have drawn you over here. well i'm glad you've joined us Gary cause we really know how to have fun here. just some rules you have to abide by.

    1. this is a political correctness no go zone

    2. although name calling is frowned upon debate and drama among commentators is encouraged.

    3. you need to be able to handle seeing erotic imagery from time to time such as two hot women kissing.

    4. you must accept me as your lord and savior

    and that's it no big deal. as for you Craig who knows these rules all too well are we talking about Rocky Horror Picture Show Tim Curry? come to think of it the new Harley could have come straight from that cast huh?

  8. yeah, he played Pennywise the Clown in the IT TV movie from the early '90's.

  9. oh, as in "IT" the Stephen King Novel based TV movie. i remember when that came out but did not know that about Mr. Curry. well here's the thing Craig, if somebody out that had Pennywise as their profile pic that would be kinda bogus. but if we don't let them join us here just because we don't like their taste in profile pics, well then we'll just be bogus too bro.

  10. Well I guess I should probably weigh in on the Harley/Ivy picture. As big fans of both characters as you well know. I think the artist's use of color and space to convey the inner turmoil of both characters was perfectly....I can't keep a straight face. It's just plain hot.

  11. I like the classic best myself, but still like the modern one too, it's edgier and I'm glad DC's making more of an effort in that direction. At least she looks more independent here and finally not like she doesn't move without Ivy or Joker beside her.

    Typhoid Mary is one of the all time great characters in my mind (no pun intended), and never realized the similarities before.

  12. Ha! Nice try Craig. I love the picture. I think there probably hasn't been a fanboy out there that didn't imagine this going on behind the scenes. Harley always comes across as needing someone to just take care of her...and her psychotic needs. I love the old costume. It always made it seem that much more vicious when she did something violent. But I have no problem whatsoever with the new look. It looks like Harley unleashed, and I kinda like the idea.

  13. I try. I do what I do for Dave and all of you. I'm a giver. It's what I do.

  14. oh Anita, i hope your not planning on stopping after just one kiss. your not in Cyprus on your way to California by any chance are you?

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