Saturday, April 14, 2012

Suicide Squad members from the old DCU with #8 relaunch cover layout fan art sketch

I imagine I'll get started and finish coloring this by early next week. At which time I'll be posting it of course. This will give me an opportunity to work with water colors again.


  1. Now this I would love to see. Bring back the old guard. Great one Dave.

  2. Ahhhh!!!!! you did it, I didn't think you would get it done this fast (so efficient with his time and resources). In echo to Mr.Andrews....bring back the old guard!

  3. thank you gentlemen! i'd like to see more of the original members make a come back to be sure but alas i have no influence over DC. aside from a come back of the original SS members i would have never authorized that logo change. if you thought that sketch was done fast . . .

    1. Interesting that Waller and Deadshot are both aiming on Harkness, Flag is aiming at Waller head and Bronze Tiger doesn't really seemas to want to attack anyone. It's more like he is judt trying to keep the situation under controll.
      Harkness seems unsure if he should surrender or just throw the boomerangs.
      All in all, quite in character :)