Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Suicide Squad #8 review: Picking up the peices with more trouble just ahead

Unlike my other Suicide Squad reviews thus far I'm including the cover in this one cause I think this is the best cover so far in the relaunch series and may well be one of the best comic book covers of the year period! In fact, I don't know when I'll have time for this but I'm setting my mind on recreating this cover layout using the original Squad consisting of Waller, Rick Flag, Bronze Tiger, Boomerang and Deadshot of course.
Onward to the review: Basically this issue consists of Waller bullying all the members of Task Force X into keeping them in continued compliance for ongoing missions. One exception being Savant who Waller tries to convince in staying with The Squad and becoming team leader but he declines with surprisingly little resistance from her. And where Harley is concerned I think Waller let her off a bit too easy I was expecting way more ball busting from The Wall. Waller is also making use of a former Basilisk scientist who apparently has some sort of "healing factor" serum which has been used to get Harley Quinn and Black Spider back to 100%.
Other interesting things that come to light in this issue is that Waller knows about King Shark having eaten Yo-Yo but seems to be unaware that Yo-Yo isn't dead . . . yet. It turns out that Basilisk is responsible for having planted a double agent on The Squad although their identity has yet to be revealed. And we also get to see Lawton finally start to grow his signature "stache" in thanks to the facial laceration Harley gave him in the last issue. It also seems that Waller actually feels some sense of empathy for Black Spider's tragic past and offers to let him leave The Squad with no strings attached. But Black Spider buries his past pain through his relentless pursuit of criminals so of course he's not going anywhere for now. Toward the end of the issue the team is sent to Metropolis and kill Mitch Shelley a.k.a Resurrection Man.
This was probably not the most dynamic issue of the bunch so far because it's really an issue that seeks to "pick up the broken pieces" of all the recent calamities of Task Force X while prepping the readers for the next story arc. But it's still a good read from a character and plot development stand point. Also, the art work was insanely good among some of the best in the series so far I really loved it.


  1. This is a superior cover. I went as far as analizing why each member targeted who they did. And according to their personalities and personal agendas they all pointed to the right prey. Looking at the Squad, three of the five members targeted Quinn. Why? Because she's the most dangerous sociopath in the room.

    1. true that bro. although one might argue King Shark is just as or even more dangerous due to his unpredictability and because he's . . well, a freaking shark! but still, the fact that Harley is as dangerous as she is despite not having any super powers speaks volumes in and of it's self. speaking of non super powered bad asses when the Hell is DC gonna bring back Bronze Tiger for fuck's sake!?