Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Suicide Squad & ROM Spaceknight common cover art and more

Some recent blog postings from the Sanctum Sanctorum and the I Love Comic Book Covers blog inspired me to see if I could find common cover art concepts between my collections of my favorite titles ever from both Marvel and DC. I believe I've found a few winners here.
I decided to throw this set into this posting too even though I'm sure many of you know about it already. I just think it's so damn cool how they used the Exorcist movie poster theme for the Amanda Waller appearance in this issue of Justice League of America.

For a very thorough and good review of this interesting JLA issue:


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    1. thanks, i do try to keep things interesting over here.

  2. I kind of want to blow up that cover of ROM 53 and hang it above my bed.

  3. :)
    Very nice!
    Those were great picks. You must the know the covers on ROM and SS by heart.
    That Justice League cover is one of my favorites of all time.
    Its 1.40 here :)

    1. Hi there Aliera! guess what? i just found that Justice League issue in a $1 bin today at my local comic shop.

    2. Lucky you!
      1.40 was the time I was posting LOL!
      Because sometimes when I post late you ask what time it is in Portugal :)
      Happy Easter!

    3. i don't celebrate Easter. especially since Passover starts this weekend.

    4. 1,24 h.
      What is Passover?
      In the desert? I though it was also called easter.

    5. Easter is a Christian holiday. Passover is a Jewish holiday. Passover just happens to start on the same weekend of Easter Sunday but they have nothing to do with each other. Passover is the story of Mosses leading his people through the desert after having escaped from slavery in egypt. that story long predates the life and death of Jesus Christ.

    6. Yes I know!
      I just think, at least in Portuguese, both celebrations have the same name: Pascoa.