Sunday, June 17, 2012

Impel trading cards series: Task Force X part 1 of 4

Once in a while when I'm trolling around on the internet looking for Suicide Squad related stuff I come across these cards. I thought it might be cool to find as many as I could that were of characters who have served as part of  Task Force X. So far the art work for the Nightshade and Vertigo cards are my favorite. But there's more, so be back here in a couple of days for part 2. Every two days I'll have the next part to this posting series up.

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Take a trip down memory lane or get up to speed with this very informative and comprehensive ifanboy article that runs through John Ostrander's Squad history all the way up to the 52 relaunch, highly recommended!    


  1. I used to have most of these, as the 92' cosmic cards were my favorite. Then the 93' cards came out and they weren't as good as these.

    Personally I still think Marvel had the better trading cards but, this series and the painted ones from 94'(?) were the best from DC.

    I don't remember having the Capt. Boomerang one though.....weird. Maybe I did, as I did own the whole box set at the time so maybe......

    1. during my trading card collecting days i mostly had cards of hot chicks. yeah many of them were from Marvel and DC but i had a lot of others like Olivia cards.
      by the way Dale you were right about Young Justice not being new this weekend. talk about a double whammy last week with SS#10 sucking donkey balls. on the other hand i've enjoyed those Green lantern re-runs lately leading up to Razor joining Hal and Kilowog. ironically the episodes i checked out a couple months back when Razor was already with them weren't that good. but in general i'm not a big fan of that kind of CG animation like with the Clone Wars. where as with Thundercats the animation is awesome but the writing totally sucks. the first season had a at least a handful of good episodes but this season sucks baboon balls.

  2. I kind of briefly checked out the Thundercats' new show myself, and yeah, I really liked the animation, but found mself not really caring too much about the stories. Although the I did like Cheetara and Lion-O's brother hooking up, making things super awkward while having to team together. and then there was that other cat-chick(don't know her name) slowly developing feelings for Lion-O, so I guess that stuff wasn't too bad. I only vaguely remember the original show from the 80's, as I was more into GI Joe, Transformers, and TNMT's when they came out. But I did also dig Centurions X, Voltron, Defenders of the universe, He-Man and the masters of the universe(big fan back in the day) and Silverhawks. Remember them? I wonder why they haven't pop back up yet?

    As for the new GL show, yeah I'd prefer a different animation style too, maybe in more closer to JLU Timm-style, than the Star wars Timm-style. But it's still decent enough to watch. I'm just curious as to when then new season will start, plus we haven't seen the season finale of YJ, unless I missed it already?

  3. First time I see those cards!
    Not everything got to my part of the world :)
    That Jeff Reid recall on the Suicide Squad was a stroll on memory lane.
    I miss it... me like...

  4. Wow - I don't remember these coming out so thanks for sharing Dave! I had DC's embossed cards they did almost at the end of the peak card years, but mainly collected Marvel Masterpieces and the Fleer Spider-Man series. Nightshade got her own card but not The Wall? Now there's something I didn't see happening!

    1. what's even weirder is that i couldn't find a card for Poison Ivy, Killer Frost, Shade ( The Changing Man), Plastique, Nemesis, Black Orchid or Bane either.