Thursday, June 21, 2012

Impel trading cards series: Task Force X part 3 of 4

"Peace sells, but who's buyin?" You might say Peacemaker (Christopher Smith) is the Punisher of the DC Universe but he came from a very different sort of family related tragedy. Ya see, his father was part of the nazi party and he's driven by a sense of shame over his family history and seeks redemption. He especially has a hard on for terrorists which I think is awesome! Aside from that he loves peace so much that he's willing to kill for it. In a way he reminds me of Blade every bit as much as he does The Punisher.
Peacemaker was an agent of Checkmate during the Janus Directive which put him at odds with The Suicide Squad at first but later joined forces in the final show down with Kobra. He appeared in a few issues of the Suicide Squad during that story arc and was part of some of the coolest fight sequences. Eventually  Checkmate discharged Peacemaker for being too extreme and unstable. Sounds to me like he knew how to get things done. I'd love to see a guy just like this be set loose on real terror groups like al-qaeda, hamas and hezbollha.

Peacemaker fighting along side Duchess a.k.a Lashina  Suicide Squad #30

Next up we've got somebody who's pretty much the opposite of Peacemaker. Quite possibly the biggest douche bag that's ever been part of  Task Force X. Be back in 2.


  1. Hey, I had this card too! Wasn't Bart Sears the man back in the day?

    Yeah I heard about Peacmaker's Nazi heritage I think over at Googum's, or somebody's blog. I really dig that type of family drama, since it's kind of original, and not really used a lot....but I could be wrong. Peackeeper really was DC's Punisher, even more than the Vigilante or Wild Dog(ha ha. They should use him again, but please God, change that fucking double-helmet! It looked goofy as fuck, and visually held him back.

    Speaking of, maybe you should do a photoshop project that features a Peacemaker/Punisher team-up?

    Finally, and you probably know this better than I do, but stupid question time; did Deadshot and Peacemaker ever go at it? I'd figure they had to be some sort of friendly/unfriendly rivalry as to who was the better marksmen between the two.

    1. i hear ya on the helmet. i've kinda gotten used to it over the years but yeah it needs a redesign if PM is gonna appear in the DCU reboot.
      but right now i'm hating on DC from everything from what they've done with the Squad to their bland ass looking new logo so i kinda don't give a fuck about a rebooted PM. they'll probably fuck that up too. maybe even give him an even more gay looking helmet.
      i already ready did a Iron Fist/Bronze Tiger cover so that Punisher/Peacemaker concept is a natural so i'll probably troll around for the appropriate clip art this weekend.
      as for Deadshot and Peacemaker "going at it" i am presently unaware of any sort of sexual relationship between those two guys. i tend to think it would be bullets they'd be shooting at each other. there was this Deadshot vs. Bullseye cross over cover earlier this year did you see it?

    2. Agreed that helmet was just wrong. I like Peacemaker though, he should come back.

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    4. Peacemaker and Deadshot did indeed team-up, along with Deathstroke and Katana in the Kobra Kronicles (SHOWCASE '93 #6 - 11)- a sort of sequel to the Janus Directive.

      My old Peacemaker site is still up at MySpace, you might actually view to the URL of some of the pics to see them in the proper size so you can read the text.


    6. shit man, i'm sorry i didn't come across your comments sooner! thanks for those links. i've seen much of that clip art but there's also a lot i have never seen that i really enjoyed. some of that along with those Showcase issues may make for a good posting on this blog.

  2. Ha ha very funny smart guy, but I meant fighting, not fucking:)
    It just seems like a natural rivalry give how Checkmate and SS went head to head there briefly.

    No I didn't see that particular cover. Is it here? I'll look for it here than, if not to the Google-cave.

    And finally, I agree w/you about the whole reboot thing. They probably would turn PM into a punk, or kill him off in a very ridiculous manner. Go DC!

    Now while I don't particularly hate the new logo, I've noticed that it's kind of copying other companies new logos. I just got used to the previous one, but all in all, I prefer the old bullet-style myself. Hey, I love the classics, what can I say. Whenever I see the old bullet DC logo, it instantly brings old memories of buying old DC comics.

    1. yeah it's here, just do a Deadshot vs Bullseye word search on this blog. you'll also find a link in that posting directing you to the Bronze Tiger blog that has the Bronze Tiger vs Iron Fist one that i did. i really liked the last DC logo it was really sharp albeit a bit corporate looking but still cool. but yeah the classic (as seen in this posting at the top) is . . . well classic and who doesn't love it? pretty much everything about DC these days sucks these days when it comes to comics. oh well at least there's Young Justice and the new Dark Knight movie to look forward too. speaking of gun toting bad asses i'm gonna go head over to Dan's blog to see the new Judge Dredd trailer see yeah there.

  3. Already saw it, and it's awesome baby! Defintiely better than that shitty Stallone movie. And Urban has the low voice, but not as annoying as Christian Bales's.

    And saw that bullsye/Deadshot pic. Nice. Very nice blending. I go to Ross's site regularly now after seeing some of his other work.