Monday, June 25, 2012

Respect Bronze Tiger

Ya know, DC really blows these days. I would say Bronze Tiger is at least as popular as Mr. Terrific. Yet Mr. Terrific got his own series in the reboot (albeit now cancelled) and BT has yet to at least make a guest appearance in the new DCU. Not to take anything away from Mr. T because I think he's a great character too I remember him well from both Checkmate (Vol. 2) as the White King and from the Justice League Unlimited cartoon. So as a way to show my displeasure with DC I decided to whip up this little bit of digital art you see to the left of you. Plus, I also fucken hate the new DC logo so I can't think of anyone who's more entitled to taking a swipe at it.
Now, onward to the main event. Below you see what I think is the coolest rendering of Ben Turner with out his tiger mask. I actually really like how it has this slightly unfinished look to it. It's as if someone just started it as a free hand sketch for the Hell of it and it ended up coming out absolutely bad ass. I mean look at the expression on his face and those eyes! RESPECT BRONZE TIGER! HE WILL KICK YOUR META HUMAN ASS!

By Sergio Cariello


  1. Man you 7u@king wit me! I thought BT was about to appear in the new DCU. I got all happy then my mind registered where the image came from(Dale would have had a field day with my three second reaction). Testament to good photo work, good job dude.

    I saw the best banner was back in place too, you little revolutionary.

  2. Nice photo-job Shlomo. You are hard working Jew lately huh? No, I really like how you have BT swiping the logo. Too bad he can't do that to Glass, Didio, and the rest of those assholes in charge over there @ DC "Comics".

    -Omega, I would have loved to see your reaction too! I'm assuming it's better or almost as good as your O-face:)

    And yeah, we'd all love to see ol' BT around and kicking in the new DCU, but thank your lucky stars he hasn't so far, or else you'd really be pissed off! What until this regime leaves, then we'll see if it's safe enough for him to make an appearance.

  3. didn't mean to mislead you OA1. yeah that clip art came from the new BT Youtube video i you found. i paused the video at the right moment and took a screen shot into photoshop. i didn't even know what i was gonna do with it at first and then i started thinking again about how much i hate DC right now and then i came out with what you see. yeah it was time to put the old banner back for obvious reasons.

    that was one of your funniest comments ever Dale. don't worry bro my SS#10 review and this posting is just the beginning of my series of posting lambasting adam glass and the current "regime" ( too funny dude!) at DC (dildo comics). i see you were able to work an Office Space reference into your comment. fucken great movie.

    i've got more great shit on the way here lined up for this week but just bare with me on the next posting cause it'll probably have most of you saying to yourselves WTF when you see it. it's basically me doing a favor for another blogger you all know.

    1. Shlomo, it was a fun little scramble to see what was going on, I wasn't pissed. I thought we had talked up a Bronze Tiger appearance.

      Dale you crazy man. O-face :),I'm a secret agent man, nobody knows who we are.

    2. Really good art! BT is one BAMF! XD

      I can't wait for him to appear in the new DC... if not... i think we should build up our OWN SS and crush the DC HQ! XD...

    3. When I first found this blog, I was pretty happy about finding fans that actually was giving this series a chance, was actually optimistic about the series, and actually giving objective reviews and not, excuse my french, constantly bitching about how it's not like Ostrander's series, Deadshot's lack of moustache, Waller's weightloss, Harley's redesign, or any other superficial crap that spews out of the mouths of the haters faster than water that gushes out of a fire hydrant. I read Suicide Squad because of it's plot and the world that surrounds the characters and so far, I see no big issues with the series that demands Glass's head on a platter and mental plans to bomb DC's HQ. You're about to let your nostalgia cloud your judgement on a series you knew full well would not start off and flow the same way as it did in the past. I believe you were one of the people to imply to enjoy the series and take it as it is and don't expect it to be the same as Ostrander's work. Look, as much as I've love what you've done in the past 10 months now, but if you are gonna really about to stoop to the mental level of the insane fanboys last year that were spoiled and selfish and who couldn't handle change who some did hate art, like the one you honestly did in your review post last time, then I regret to say that I'm gonna have to give this blog a break. The constant focus on Harley and the slow progression is one thing to complain about but to honestly cross the line to the path of the crazy, entitled fanboy over the lack of an appearance on one specific old-school character? Sorry but I'll see you til the day your nostalgia weans.

  4. Bronze Tiger sounds like a good character and those are really good drawings btw. :) However, what I'm not a fan of is your recent habit of feeding into the hate that already frequents most old-school fans of Suicide Squad over this series. I know you're a die-hard fan of Ostrander's Suicide Squad and you're very anxious to have all of them appear in the recent series but it wouldn't be very wise to judging a series progression based on which and when characters shows up in a series that pretty much where it's anyone's guess whose gonna show up and when they'll appear.

    1. Daina, quick question, how old are you and what city are you in?

      it's actually kinda neat to hear a voice of dissension for a change it makes things interesting here. when this series first started i was pretty happy with it. but with that happiness came some expectations for this title to not be exactly just like the Ostrander series but to eventually be a little closer to it then it is now.
      fans of the JLA from the old DCU are basically getting what they loved before minus the costumes and some minor personality tweaks (although the writing sucks). but for SS fans of the old DCU we got almost a whole other animal for the reboot and it only stands that most of us aren't going to be happy with it. i wouldn't presume to justify why i'm not liking the reboot any more then you have to for liking it. but if you are enjoying the series that's cool i just think this blog may not be for you because chances are it's gonna just bring you down. i'm afraid the bash fest on DC and glass will be going on for some time longer here. but it was good having you in the event you don't come back i like people who share their thoughts with the community and do so in a respectful manner especially when there's a difference of opinion.
      you've been a valued commentator Diana and i want you to know regardless of what you think of how my blog is going that the Shlomo will always be here for you.

  5. Ha ha, lovin' the Dildo comics comment. Can I still it? Fuck it, I just did. Long live Dildo comics!

    Seriously though, I can't wait to see what you have hidden up your creative sleeve.

    -Omega, I guess only Zatanna knows what you O-face looks like huh? And secret agent man? Does that mean you're a Hollies' fan? I noticed I rhymed there, but I swear it was unintentional. But hell, I'll take credit for it anyways:)

    And then I saw the last comment.......

    Oh wow, cat-fight! Tsk, tsk Shlomo, looks like someone's a Glass plant. No seriously I hear yeah. Heaving someone disagree with you in a civil, but intelligent manner I guess can We know how that goes don't we;)

    -@Diana, yeah I probably wouldn't want to stick around here either, since it's a full-on hate machine between us(Me, Shlomo,and Omega) and the current regime over at Dildo Comics.

    That being said, or typed rather, there's nothing wrong with sticking up for what you believe in, so you go girl:)

    Seriously though, I'm glad you enjoy this incarnation of SS because someone has too in order to justify Glass' salary. You know why myself and countless other fans/critics, etc, had major doubts about Glass taking over the reins of SS, then I strongly suggest you read, or re-read his take on Plastic Man, Animal Man, and Heatwave on the horrible Flashpoint mini Legion of Doom. Sure it was supposed to be a darker world and all, and obviously Glass was going for the superhero version of OZ in that one. Hey I liked Oz. I enjoyed the violence, dark humor, and messed up situations that the entire cast of characters found themselves in throughout the entire series. But you know what? It was all done just for the sake of being gritty or to be shocking. There was actually honest-to-god intelligent writing involved explaining the motivations of the characters and why they did what they did, and to what extent they would go to solve their "problems." Not in this mini there wasn't. It was just violence for violence sake and for shock and awe. Not to mention reducing characters that had been built up over years into mindless caricatures of themselves.

    And now, the same thing's happening to this current incarnation of the Suicide Squad. Glass claimed to respect and be heavily influenced by Ostrander, yet willfully disrespects the characters Ostrander embraced and built back up after years of abuse and poor writing. He took characters deemed "expendable" and "Jokes", and made people care about them again, or even for the first time since those characters were created.

  6. What has Glass done to elevate or equally polish characters into something better than he found them? Nothing. And I'm not talking about the mere cosmetics/appearances of the characters. You're right, that really shouldn't matter if the characters are written well. But they're not. Instead we get a skinny-fat mega-bitch, Amanda Waller who is written as nowhere near as smart as her pre-reboot counter-part. She's bitchy and manipulative just be bitchy and manipulative. A caricature in every shape and form. It's funny how a Gail Simone or John Ostrander, or Keith Giffen, or even the folks who wrote JLU have absolutely no problems writing an intelligent woman, who's as manipulative as Nick Fury on his best day, but still retains respect because she's looking out for the safety of regular, everyday people. And just because she enjoys being a pain in the ass for the hell of it.

    And then there's the rest of the Squad. I'd go into more depth about them, but I'm pretty sure you already get the point.

    If this poor writing satisfies you, god bless, but please don't pretend that the rest of us should be happy just because DC threw a portion of us fans a bone by publishing Suicide Squad. I can't speak for anyone else, but it might've been better if Dildo and Co. just left SS alone.

    And yes I'm extremely biased by my strong diaproval concerning the the criminally unnecceassary reboot in the first place, but dear god, we have to draw a line somewhere. For every good or great book out there like Aquaman, Animal Man, Frankenstein, Swamp Thing ,and JLDark, there's an SS, JLA, Hawkman, Firestorm, and Stormwatch that utterly kills the goodwill and hard-work devoted to those characters. It's horrible, sad, and disrespectful to both the fans that enjoyed them and the creators that worked on them.

    I'm just glad for the back issues and trades.

    Can I get an amen?

    1. AMEN brother! the wicked sinners of Douche Comics (DC) shall rue the day they dared sully the work of our lord and savior John Ostrander.

    2. Amen Dale!
      Specialy in the last part, you took the words out of my mouth. Only didn't like that trio thing.
      What am I doing here? Beautifying?

  7. I did, and can't believe that you didn't add more to my rant.
    And where's Omega on this? Someone tell him to quit checking his taxes on get on this pronto:)

  8. @ Daina: Don't give up this blog yet. It comes with stong personalities and opinions, but that is what makes it diferent and fun.
    Also it is much more interesting if there are diferent opinions on a subject, as long as those are presented in a calm assertive manner :)
    Otherwise people would read whater Shlomo wrote and just say yes, that's it, like a group I go in Facebook where people just say "that's cute" at everything. It's nice, and I like nice, but there is no novalty.
    I believe your opinions will always be well received here, as long as your read to receive others diferent from yours.

    And that is Philosophical me, showing Dale this is not only a Male Trio Show ^_^

  9. Nothing wrong with an intelligent, and I suspect beautiful woman speaking her mind:)

    Yeah I guess this is kinda' looking like a Boy's club and all, but that's only because there's not enough diverse opinions floating around this most hallowed of comments' sections.

    Otherwise, yeah feel free to disagree. There's nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned healthy debate. I look forward to more of them.

    Anyone else up for debating something else other than the current sad state of affairs over at Dildo/Douche Comics and Adam Glass' highly regarded writing skills?:)

  10. I made some spelling mistakes there LOL.
    Thank you for the compliment :)
    I thought everybody was asleep there.

  11. I suspect Shlomo's working in his lab, as he seems like bit of an early bird, so I'm sure he's awake.

    Omega's probably practicing his Kung-Fu, and wondering why he didn't let Shlomo do his taxes:)

    I'm not sure about anybody else though.

    You're very welcome, and don't worry about spelling mistakes; I make a shit-load of them all the time. I'm either unintentionally leaving out words or misspelling them, thus making me seem like a retarded or Autistic dyslexic.
    I'm not, but yeah, that stuff happens LOL.

    1. Diana, a song for you sweet heart: "baby come back, you can blame all on me, i was blind and i just can't live with out you". listen, at the beginning of next month i'm actually gonna have a some what positive posting about the SS reboot.

      Aliera, don't worry about your spelling. English isn't your first language. it's the rest of us who should be concerned about our shitty spelling skills since English is our native tongue. although i've been told that i'm a cunning linguist by several foreign women over the years. also, i wanted to let you know that the Shlomo has something special in store for you here on Friday.

      Dale, gotta give Diana credit for speaking up. it's the people who never leave comments on blogs that suck! tomorrow i'm going to post something as part of a inter-blog kind thingy that Frank from the Martian Manhunter is spear heading so bare with me for now your initial reaction to it is probably gonna be WTF!? by the way i just emailed you back thanks.

  12. Her name is writen Daina people... or did you learn her real name is Diana?
    Now I'm very curious about that friday post Shlomo :)

  13. Personally Im glad I lept from the SS bus after issue 1. I could tell the take wasnt going to be for me. But sometimes in the 52 complete fbombs can actually work out okay so it couldve backfired.

    take Flash. DC pretty much sat on the title and dragged it over the carpet like a dog with crabs - they got rid of Wally, the work geoff had done on the rouges and unbeliveably the concept of legacy that the whole franchise is founded on! yet Francis is actually making a damn good comic from what he has left to work with.

    oh yeah and i love Stormwatch so there are going to be titles folks disagree on but like Da.. Shlomo says that makes for a great community.

    Some writers can turn lemons to lemonade. others cant. while non should have to for a living Glass to me isnt one of them. but then what is his editorial brief? The reason SS got a 52 spot would be partly because a new focus would be on movie friendly properties. That said is this SS best showing hollywood why mission impossible has nothing on Amanda's crew or is it just another dog doing circles on the floor?

    1. well Dan if there might be a Guardians of the Galaxy movie in the works then there certainly can be one for the Suicide Squad. at this point the DC 52 is pretty much an over all failure with me. you of course know how i feel about the SS and Justice League Int. as well as Swamp Thing were two other relaunch titles i started to pick up but i dropped them both within a few issues. a friend of mine has been loaning me the new JLA and although the art is great the flack the series is getting for the writing is largely justified not to mention the $4 cover price. Marvel has pissed me off in recent months as well so as of now i'm not buying any new comics on any sort of regular basis. thank goodness for the internet and blogging.