Friday, February 15, 2013

New creative team for the Suicide Squad announced

Well this certainly comes as welcomed news. Too early to say if this new creative team will take the book into a different direction that more mirrors the John Ostrander era or if it will be more of a "meet the new boss same as the old boss" kinda deal.

 "Just as DC has been giving some indie comics folks like Charles Soule, Ray Fawkes, and Jeff Lemire time in the spotlight within the DC Universe, so too are they about to bring a name from the indies that's been receiving much acclaim as of late: Ales Kot.
Kot is best known for his works at Image -- Wild Children and Change -- but as of May, he'll also be the new writer on Suicide Squad alongside new artist Timothy Green II. The creative team won't be the only thing changing however, as the solicitation coming soon from DC also promises new team members and a totally new direction as Amanda Waller brings on some new recruits."

By the way did any of you check out those art work links in the last posting? There's some really good stuff there done by more talented individuals then myself.

And finally I want to throw in a belated fuck Valentine's Day message. I've never had a Valentine's Day where I wasn't single or in the midst of some fucken drama with someone I was with for which VD just added to the awkwardness. A friends with benefits kinda arrangement is about as close it gets for a "happy Valentines Day" as far as I'm concerned.


  1. This is really good news. I actually enjoyed Alex Glass' first few issues, but it soon became a real mess.
    I'm not really familiar with Ales Kot, but Wild Children has a pretty cool concept. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. i really liked issues 1 -3. 4 was also good but Captain Boomerang getting turned over to Basilisk at the end of the issue right after a first appearance in issue 3 kinda pissed me off though. but the Hunt for Harley Quinn story line from 5-7 was pretty enjoyable so for a while i was back into it. then came the Resurrection Man tie in which hinted at a debut of Count Vertigo with some of the cover art that turned out to be bogus which further pissed me off. issue 10 was really dry and all around uninteresting and i hated the whole Basilisk/Kobra rip off. by the time issue 11 came out i just flipped through it at my local comic shop and hated the whole "danger island" story line so i didn't buy it. by that time i was done with the title cause it was obvious it was never going to be the kinda Suicide Squad i wanted to read. i still kinda follow what's going on with the title on the net as you can see here but i don't buy it any more. by the way i don't know anything either about the new creative team.

  2. Friends w/benefits huh?
    Lucky bastard;)

    Yeah, hopefully it won't be what you said, another case of "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"(kudos for the Who reference there buddy;)

    And maybe, just maybe, this guy will stand out from the usual roster of idiots up there.

  3. Sounds promising for the SS, doesn't it Ben?

    And f*ck Valentines day to you too, pal. Ha!

    1. only time will tell Jay but i already feel they can't do worse on that book with a new writer.

  4. Oh, don't say that Shlomo. Spiderman fans have been saying that for years. Look what's happened to them. Still, it's good to be hopeful. So here's to hoping the next guy doesn't suck! Although suckiness in general at DC seems to be contagious.

  5. Save our Squad Ales.

    I liked the first trade collection of the new run on Suicide Squad (#1-#7). Then the Basilisk mission sucked. I think the squad tends to be more interesting when their enemy is faceless, like cyberzombies, so that the book can explore the relationships between them and Waller. I even liked the Deadshot/Harley fling.

    I really liked the moment when Voltaic and Deadshot are doing friendly teamwork and Voltaic showed how naive he was by asking Deadshot who Waller was going to pin the mass murder on, and Deadshot just shoots him in the face. It was unexpected, undeserved, and only necessary because of how twisted the Suicide Squad's whole premise is. Voltaic seemed like such a nice, competent character, and then blam, he was dead.

    Fast-forward about eight issues and the fucker is back! Yo-yo got eaten and came back and doesn't even look chewed up anymore. Deadshot shot himself through the chest and he is back (though I would be pissed if they actually killed him). Diablo is unfrozen. Turns out they are all filled with invincibility juice and anything short of getting their head exploded (I assume) will not kill them.

    So, the high-stakes premise of the Suicide Squad is bullshit. In fact it is about the lowest stakes of any book in existence. It should be called Invincible Squad, or Just Try to Commit Suicide Squad.

    They might as well just do the stupid missions because they won't die, and if they leave they will get their heads blown off, by a bomb, because a bullet isn't good enough.

    And by the way, if like me you liked Harley Quinn, she is now the most disposable whore of all because even if she does die permanently, the pages of Squad reveal that she is just one of a line of dozens of Harleys created by the Joker, so there's always more where that came from. Booicide Squad.

    Here's hoping Kot has enough magic dust to make this all go away, but it might be possible too much damage has been done.