Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Suicide Squad #17: I need to take a piss again

I was just reading the usual humorously arsenic review of the latest Suicide Squad issue at the tessatechaitea blog and I just have to ask, why are you still buying this book? I cannot find anything of any interest in the writing. I mean seriously do you find it terribly compelling to find out that Regulus is not dead or that the latest villain (Red Orchid) the Squad is after is Yo-Yo's sister? 
I'm well aware that I've turned away some former followers of this blog with my incessant New DC 52 and Adam Glass bashing and that's ok. I'm especially dismayed at how anyone who was a fan of the John Ostrander series can be into this book. I can't help but feel there's some kind of cognitive dissidence much like Star Wars fans who took weeks or months to come to terms with the fact that the phantom menace was a steaming pile of shit.

Just a heads up last week's episode "The Hunt" (which was awesome) is now on Youtube along with the episode for week the before "Complications" (also awesome). Trust me, folks aside from possibly Red Hood and The Outlaws, Young Justice is the only thing from DC worth following these days. Enjoy watching the new episodes while they last.


  1. Hello Shlomo!
    Not to say I'm finding this, all that interesting. I haven't read 17 yet.
    Dc seems to forget that one of the most interesting features of SS was the way it mixed real life crisis and political scandals, with the fantastic and the characters. Let's admit, the LOA arch at the 80's was also pretty lame. We just liked it.
    Or the pie throwing? But we liked it. It is comics after all.
    I'm sort of glad there will be another writer (Sorry Glass) to see if there can be a little more emotion, as really those stories weren't doing anything for me. But hey, I read the whole Giffen arch waiting for something good to happen and it didn't.
    You spoiled it to me, Shomlo! Yo-Yo's sister? Anyway, I'd like to know who the heck wasthat woman that boomerang was acused of killing when he was given to basilisk.
    Will I know?
    I don't keep my hopes to high, as DC seems to leave threads lose all the time. (Yes, this is a serious critic DC. Wise up)
    Maybe she was Yo-Yo's sister :)

    1. aaahh at long last our Portuguese commentator is back. i saw your other comments i'm glad to see we're on the same page about the Red Hood. i have to say i didn't mind the LOA especially given how Waller ultimately dealt with them. as for the whole pie thing yeah that was kinda silly but it was still amusing. i agree with what you said about SS#4 with boomerang but i'm past the point of caring about the loose threads like i said before this book has become so uninteresting to follow.

    2. Aliera you are so right. I remember when the Suicide Squad was a serious comic series for adults and mature readers I want to say. The current series is so far from that. Even with the pies, every drama needs some comic relief. And the LOA was not a good story but it could of been. I saw the potential.

      I wanted to know who Grey Lora's mom too. But we all see it was never the intention to complete plot threads. I at least thought that Grey Lora herself was going to be a prominent new bad guy. But no haps. Now I know Dr. Quinn is or suppose to be an olympic level athelete but beating a mechanically inhanced martial artist with out completely showing us how...rediculous.

    3. Yes. I know this is comics, but how are we suposed to want to keep reading when there is no continuity and closure? It gives a lack of dept to the stories. Like a Disney comic.
      I left Mickey behind a long time ago...

  2. Love the picture by the way, but I actually defended Lizard there a bit. Well at least because he joked about changing the name of the title to Task Force X which seemed to get LJ Panther all hot and bothered.

    Here was my response:
    Ahh guys, give Lizard a break. He's just trying to make these reviews more livelier, so give the man a break;)

    After all he does have a point; hardly any deaths despite the big, bold title on the front cover? Even writers other than Ostrander managed to pull off a couple deaths that stuck.

    Glass is a hack, plain and simple. Hell an Autistic kinder-gardener born addicted to crack-cocaine could write a better plot and story than this garbage....and let's add in another handicap that the same kid's blind, deaf, and dumb, and you'd have the perfect successor to Glass' "style" of writing.

    Anyhoo, rock on Lizard King, you're just doing your sorta job;)

    Stay golden pony boy, stay golden;)

    That pretty much says it all. Hey it's money, fuck it!

    And to back up what @Aliera said, indeed the squad did become heavily involved with the political drama of the day. I don't doubt that's what really hit home w/you Shlomo. Why Glass didn't think to go there, or if he was editorially forbidden from writing a book that was even half-ass decent is beyond me. His excuse if I remember correctly was just that in so many words, but there's always a loophole. He just obviously wasn't smart or creative enough to find/make one.

    Good riddance to a hack, and a worthless stack of paper I wouldn't even let my cat shit on.

    I cry for the trees that died in vain;)

  3. I need to start grounding the kids for watching the show without me. Because then no one will sit with me and watch. And that was a lot of the fun. I'm going to get myself some chinese some night and just have a marathon.

    Impatient heathens.

  4. Ha ha, go for it;)

    @Random: Oh Cartoon Marathon! Sounds good;)

  5. IMO, the problem is that it's just one shootout after another. Ostrander did Mission Impossible with the occasional shootout. Glass does The Expendables with no Mission Impossible at all.

    1. that's a good way of putting it too. how sad the culmination of the DC Universe in all it's media will be when Young Justice has it's final episode.


    Shlomo go to that link. Ales Kot sounds like he'll do Ostrander's legacy up right, and make the SS what it should've been, complete with killing off members in fashion like Ostrander set things up.