Saturday, February 16, 2013

One possible good thing about the new DC 52 found Under The Red Hood

I want to digress a bit for this posting to talk about something else that has gotten my attention recently. For probably the first 6 months after the DC relaunch I had no idea who or what the Red Hood was. Then finally by chance I stumbled across some video clips on Youtube of Batman: Under the Red Hood. Again we see DC out doing Marvel by light years in the arena of well done animated movies and TV programming (case and point,Young Justice).
I spent a good part of my day off on Friday hunting numerous reviews and previews online of all 16 issues of Red Hood and The Outlaws to get an over view on the series and it's characters. First off, I love the concept of former Batman side kick Jason Todd coming back from the "dead" as a Punisher style vigilante who comes at odds with members of the Batman family. Both the movie and the comic book series had some great moments of exploring Todd's anger issues of his murder by the Joker and his resentment toward Batman over it. Aside from that I just love his kinda non-costume urban street wear look. This is more like what I've always wanted Deadshot to look like in both the old and new DC Universes. The potential for the Red Hood character and the Suicide Squad practically has my mind racing when I think about all the will of the minds and intellect type confrontations Batman and Amanda Waller have had over the years in the old DCU as well as in Justice League Unlimited.

Red Hood and The Outlaws #8
Now when it comes to Roy Harper (Arsenal ) and Kori (Starfire) in the 52 relaunch it's a bit of a mixed bag. Harper isn't that different from the old DCU but he's not as serious of a character and his self deprecating humor at times is a bit heavy handed. Needles to say there's no Teen Titans, Cheshire, daughter or drug addiction in his back ground (as of yet anyways) which I don't know if I could ever get used to for the Roy Harper character. As for Starfire there's that whole thing about the TnA and her sexuality in general we've all heard plenty of already. Not a big issue for me and in general I'm more over all accepting of her rebooted character and her origin.
I have to say I did enjoy a lot of the snappy dialogue between this threesome team. And speaking of threesomes I kinda almost expected things to go in that direction given the dynamics of this team along with the more contemporary pop culture writing of comics these days. From an art work stand point it was all around pretty sharp no real complaints on that end except for maybe an issue or two. After having reviewed this series do I wish I had picked up this book when the relaunch got started? I would say kinda sorta but at the same time not really. I'm still not into the new DCU but of all the titles I've tried out if there was one that was worth picking up still I think it would be Red Hood and The Outlaws.

Batman: Under the Red Hood
A good chunk of Batman: Under the Red Hood can be watched on Youtube clips. These are some of my favorites when it comes to the Jason Todd and Batman confrontations:

Young Justice was awesome today! We finally got to see some long anticipated confrontations that made for some of the best fight scenes this season such as between Sportsmaster and Black Manta. In general the episode had some really well thought out writing check out the preview clip below:

Next up: Red Hood and The Suicide Squad!


  1. Glad you're finally getting around to discovering Red Hood dude. Seriously,. you've been missing out on the character and concept, which was beautifully done by that aforementioned movie.

    I will say I'm not too sure about the depth of writing on the new Outlaws series. In fact go ask your friend Lizard(TessAchITee) about that, as his reviews towards series writer Scott Lobdell are't very generous at all. But in all fairness, he points out the reasons why, and they can't be easily dismissed. But still, hunt for it to your hearts desire. I;d also pick up the original story arc from the Winnick's run on Batman. That one's really good.

    If you do have problems finding certain Outlaws issues, let me know. My comic book store has a good bit of them lying around in the back.

    1. well i ain't missing out any more. i'll see what i come across in those discount bins but in the mean time i don't want to get caught up in an obsessive back issue hunt stuff. i wanna just keep it casual i'm finding it's often the best way to go often in life : )

  2. *sigh* I'm of two minds on this. First mind had always said "But we killed him! We voted, and we killed him! Shouldn't that mean we don't have to deal with him again?!!" The other mind says, "Yeah, okay, there's grist for the mill here. They can make decent stories out of this."
    So right now my two minds aren't speaking to each other.
    The cartoon was really good. I watched it a bit ago, but recently caught it again thanks to a good Samaritan who has my e-mail. Thanks Shlomo.

    1. the Shlomo is always happy to be of service to the ladies.

    2. Okay. Another moment where I remind myself not to take a drink of coffee before reading your blog responses. And firmly bite my tongue to keep from responding with the first thing that came to mind.

    3. The thing is I didn't kill him.
      I didn't vote because I was in Portugal but I wouldn't have killed him. That said, I think the way he was brought back is nothing short of amazing. I loved all that story arch, the way it was mixed with Hush and the way at first we didn't know if he was really back from the dead or just a ruse to hurt Batman (That's the way to do it DC!)And for most of the stories he has been since then, he has been consistentely well writen. In fact even in the new DCU Red Hood tithe is one of the most interesting and is getting even better.

  3. Shlomo is a Man-Whore!!!!Shlomo is a Man-Whore!!!!!;)