Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Boomerang and Vertigo silhouette style fan art

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Here's some recent cool and unique fan art I came across on deviant art.


  1. Oooh. Shiny. I see these as bookplates. Remember the kind your mom used to give you to put inside all your books that you'd write your name on? Although these are way cooler than my old Strawberry Shortcake ones.

  2. Holy shit! I can begin to describe how awesome those are! The layout and design definitely(at least to me) see Manga/Anime-inspired. Love the blending of the colors and everything. Interesting word choice for Digger. It astutely reflects his powers, giving the reader/viewer further clues on the nature of his powers/abilities. I'd personally add in the word Reprobate, 'cause he is, he really, really is;)

  3. thanks for the comments i really like these too. unfortunately i couldn't find any for other members of The Suicide Squad.