Monday, January 28, 2013

FUCK YOU cartoon network!

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Well I was saving this art work for a Feb.1st posting but I guess I might as well post it now along with the fucked up news I just got from Dale. Google search Young Justice cancelled to see what I mean. There's nothing more I can ad to that other then to say that cartoon network in the absence of YJ ( and also Green Lantern which had been pretty good lately) has nothing but dumbed down shit I wouldn't have even found watchable as a pre-teen kid. The only exception would be Star Wars which has some descent episodes now and then even though in general I hate almost all the shit that has to do with the prequels.

All right so now that I got that out of my system this is Deadshot from the Young Justice comic issue 24. Talk about an awesome costume redesign! I think I like it even better then any version in the old DCU. This is more along the lines of what the DC 52 version of Deadshot's costume should have looked like as opposed to that overly elaborate clunky looking get up he wears now.

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Now what we have here is some clip art from a Nightwing and Owen Mercer one shot. I actually saw this in a $1 bin a couple of weeks ago I don't know why I didn't pick it up I think I'll look for it again the next time I'm there. This is an interesting bit of dialogue it never occurred to me that Batman would be holding it against Owen that he's Digger's son and using the same name even though he was one of the Outsiders. Like with the Deadshot appearance in the Young Justice comic book this makes me so wanna see Owen at least make a guest appearance at least on the Young Justice but now that'll never happen. Things just ended so badly for Owen in the old DCU it would have been nice to have seen him again in most any DC continuity.

And speaking of good DC cartoons here's some character sketches that were done in the same illustration style as we saw in Justice League Unlimited. Rick Flag, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Killer Frost, Plastique (although not in costume) all have been on that series but now we can get some idea of how Bronze Tiger and Nightshade would have looked like on that show. BT looks ok here but Nightshade is especially done illustrated well here


  1. *Throws stones at Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman*

    1. i was thinking something more along the lines of a drone strike.

    2. Damn! Which interview were you two reading? As good as Young Justice has been. I kept asking why they continued to keep introducing new young heroes. More mature viewers can follow and have the patience to keep dealing with a rotating cast as big as YJ.

      Most shows have A lead character or a, team of protagonist that we get to follow. That one guy or girl or that team that we see go on adventures every week. We get to learn who those characters are in contrast to their villains and stories. Young Justice tried to do to much.

    3. i have no complaints to speak of as far as the writing goes on YJ. it was an all around solid show. besides, Green Lantern is getting cancelled too and that show had it's following who only had to focus on 4 primary characters on a consistent basis. the truth is as of yet there haven't been any details given as to the cancellations so it's all pointless speculation at this point.
      i read somewhere it may have had something to do with the comic book and toy line not doing well. if that's so i think that's kinda weird cause that's not really the shows fault nor does that effect the ratings which in turns generates advertising revenue. it should be obvious that the toy line not doing well had nothing to do with the show and pretty much all to do with the toys sucking. and a good cartoon show seldom translates into an equally good comic book series and on top of that you have to buy a comic unlike a TV show.
      CN had already cancelled Thundercats. now outside of the animation i thought the writing really sucked it was really geared toward a younger audience which i hate. the toy line for that show sucked too. who knows if that had anything to do with that show getting cancelled or if it was long time Thundercats fans turning away from it resulting in poor ratings.

    4. Well, who knows? Me and mine we love Young Justice, so if it get's cancelled it'll be missed

    5. yeah it'll be missed by me too obviously. the best we can hope for is that the show comes to an end with an appropriate conclusion as opposed to some sort of cliff hanger. i dunno if you ever saw the Blade TV show but i didn't like it that much at first but the writing improved dramatically after the first few episodes. by the time the first season was coming to a close i was pretty hooked on it but it was cancelled after the first season on a cliff hanger and that fucked really sucked.

    6. Didn't like that one (tv show). But I did like the animated movie. It wasn't the cure for cancer, but it was decent. The art work was amazing. Their animated version is what Blade should look like in Marvel comics.

      Matter of fact, where is he these days? He should be on one of those A or X teams or back on a MI 13 team. I guess that's to much like right.

  2. Hey Omega check out these two links, and it'll prove it to ya', as well as give you a possible explanation:

    The last article mentions a growing protest movement involving over 6000 petitions already to keep GL on the air, maybe YJ as well. But other than that, yeah those shows are probably gone:(

    I too also hope that both YJ's and GL's storylines are wrapped up in a fairly logical and exciting way despite the sad news. They really need to be, because both shows showed off better writing than the the comics currently do.

    I'll dig the Batman show for sure, because that's my guy, but I could care less about the new Teen Titans show. I didn't have that big of an interest in the old series, so I doubt I'll be eagerly awaiting this one. I really hope they keep running the animated shorts at least; I'm still wanting to see the conclusion to the Sword of The Atom one, not to mention how cool the Batman of the 1930's series was becoming.

    If not, I guess the only thing I have to look forward too on Saturday mornings cartoon-wise is reruns of JLU.

  3. Oh, and loving that Deadshot redesign! You're right in that it would've been the prefect reboot design for the new Deadshot.

  4. I don't know if you've already read this, but here's the link to an interview with the show(YJ)'s creators, and their thoughts on the two seasons so far, and what to expect as this season winds down.

    Interestingly enough they kinda' avoid talking about whether or not there'll be or not be another season of YJ. So I guess, that kinda means there won't be another one for sure by omission.