Sunday, January 13, 2013

This is Suicide Squad #3, you play Harley and I'll be Deadshot

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Really folks, you've already read the posting title so need I say more? Actually it's probably best that I don't. I know, I'm so bad but I just can't help myself sometimes so White Lemon if you're ever near the San Francisco Bay Area look me up if you wanna do a little role playing. And I ain't talkn about no Dungeons & Dragons either.

I'm a happy camper this weekend I caught Young Justice this time. Here's a good quality clip from the episode I'm sure the whole thing will show up on Youtube in a day or two: There was also a really uniquely animated and all around cool DC Nation short video episode called Batman of Shanghai: Catwoman check it out: And aside from all that I also wanted to mention that Green Lantern which I only watch kinda passively sometimes turned out to be fairly good this Saturday morning too.


  1. Thought I'd successfully did this before....

    Anyhoo, love this cos-playing chic! I wouldn't mind slapping her around myself....just not with my hands if you know what I mean;)

    And of course, YJ and GL were both great this past weekend. Can't wait for the new episodes of Arrow to play out this wednesday!

  2. Whitelemon here again and... Aw, love, you'll make me blush u///u xDD
    If someday I travel to USA, I'll call you ;)

    1. fantastico! we're on for our first date. now it's just a matter of one of us flying half way around the world. aside from the cosplay i can't wait to hear your sexy Spanish accent.

  3. This girl is cosplay greatness. I mean totally believable. Nice post Dave.

  4. Be sure to show her the Jewish Hammer there Shlomo;)
    No, she did a bang-up job on the outfit and make up. I wonder what she'll do next.