Thursday, January 17, 2013

You're not afraid of the dark are you?

I'm hesitant to call this sketch art because it has a very finished look to it. However you want to characterize it this is pretty damn awesome fan art by however the unknown artist is. It's pretty much what I would consider to be a perfect drawing and I like the whole "bad ass ninja" like quality to Nightshade in it. Yet another under rated character from the old DCU that we have yet to see in the relaunch.

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 Well I just recently discovered that this 5 issue Hawk & Dove mini-series (1997-1998) featured both the Suicide Squad and Checkmate as a running story line through out the series. I gotta say I did an internet search to see what kind of information and art work I could dig up on it and none of the covers looked even remotely familiar to me as anything I may have seen before.
I did an ebay search and saw that the complete set had just sold for only $8 total with shipping and handling. Damn! that's not much more then I would have paid finding them all in $1 bins at the same time and what are the odds of that? Oh well, ya never know what the future holds I tend to get lucky with these sort of things. But in the mean time here's some links to some of the pages from the mini-series:

January 18 update: Hawk & Dove #4 review with plenty of clip art available here:


  1. I didn't get to read the whole mini series, but I picked up the ones with the Squad. The art work was nice and the crew had some nice panels. It was worth those 8 bucks.

    Nightshade is a member of Justice League Dark, her, Black Orchid and the Enchantress are all there. The art work is amazing and I hear the writing is good.

    I just refuse to buy the book, I'm doing a Shlomo move. It doesn't revolve around what I want. Really I wouldn't mind a witch hunter coming in and do some regulating.

    And thankx for coming thru over at my spot, I appreciate it.

    1. no shit about Nightshade in Justice League Dark? i'll have to at least take a look at it thanks for the heads up. as for Hawk & Dove which issues of that 5 run mini-series had the Squad other then #4? that would be cool if you could do a future posting of them.

    2. Will do. And I think I'm going to pick up an issue of Justice League Dark too so we can talk about it.

    3. damn, now i want to swning by a comic shop tonight but i really don't have time. at any rate OA1 cool, i suspect i want be the only Suciide Squad fan out there on the look out for that before mentioned future posting of yours. it's all on you bro . . all . . on . . you.

    4. I been looking thru my books, I found #4 so I'm going to do a quick post up. For the Squad to only be featured they had a lot of face time.

      It's kinda what you want to see from our guys even if it's not the quote on quote--A Team. I'm working on it now so I'll be back in a minute.