Friday, January 25, 2013

Young Justice episode preview for "The Fix" and what I do like about the New 52 Suicide Squad

Yup, that's it folks. Ol Digger is pretty much the only thing I like about the new Suicide Squad title. He's the only thing that's the same as he was in the old DCU. I feel like he's the anchor of familiarity from the old Squad in a title that almost feels like more of a Batman spin off at times and at other times feels like some sort of alternate reality version of the Suicide Squad  ". . . that I used to know".
Same costume (the updated one thank God!), same personality and pretty much the same abilities although it seems now he can "energize" his boomerangs kinda like Gambit from the X-Men. But I seem to remember him doing that for at least a while right after his Brightest Day resurrection no?  know I should know this but I'm a bit fuzzy on that detail.
Anyways, tomorrow is a new day and seeing how that new day is Saturday you know what that means right? Here's some links to preview videos of the new Young Justice episode "The Fix"

Saturday morning update: Despite not really having had either Roy Harpers this episode was damn near as good as last week's. In this episode we see what's going on in Aqualad's broken mind and how the under cover Artemis (as Tigra) and Ms. Martian play into it. We also get to see Deathstroke in action (and he was awesome just like in the comic) and more amusing love triangle drama between Superboy, Ms. Martian and Lagoon Boy. All that along with a big secret being revealed on the team along with more of the Martian Green Beetle. On a side note here both Green Lantern and Star Wars were really good to this morning.

This will probably be my last posting for the month but be back here Feb. 1st. Rather you're more of a Suicide Squad fan or more of a Young Justice fan I guarantee you'll love what I have coming up next.


  1. Ha! So you dig Digger, Ben? Yeah. Know what you mean. Although I do like Harley too. She's and Yo-yo have some sort of personality.

  2. Man it might be tomorrow afternoon before I get to see the FIX. But I'm waiting on that guy. Here's to hoping Aqualad turns Devil Ray.

    1. when it comes to Aqualad i'm more concerned about when Psimon does his mind scan on him. he's going to be in deep shit and the shit'll hit the fan for the entire Young Justice team.

    2. Yeah man, it keeps getting thicker. I can even see Psimon reprograming Kal for the Light. And what's going to happen to Tigress? She's in deep, no back up and no escape.

    3. well, whatever happens tomorrow i'm sure we'll be talking about a plenty this weekend : )

    4. No surprise, that I think Boomerang is the best there is in Suicide Squad..
      I also like Yo-Yo (from his first introduction) and I am starting to like the new Waller and Deadshot.

    5. with out his mustache (which he said he was going to grow way back in issue 9) Deadshot looks like Rick Flag in every panel which is weird to me. i do like Yo-Yo but i'm afraid this series is still not growing on me. i'm content to follow it online only but i still have no desire to spend money on it to read the issues in full when they hit the shelves.

  3. Some sad news possibly:

    It looks like after this season of GL and YJ are done, the shows are done period:(