Saturday, December 22, 2012

Best Amanda Waller fan art I've ever seen

This is by an artist who goes by the Deviant Art handle of  TSBranch. Here he really nails Amanda Waller in what I think is the best contemporary representation of what the character should like. Check out the rest of his work I think you'll especially especially like his character redesigns:


  1. That's the way it should be done, Ben. Class picture.

  2. That is fan-freaking-tastic. :) Straight up Wall. I'd love to see an action shot of her by him.

  3. Yeah I have to agree; that's an awesomely modern Waller who looks sassy and sophisticated, yet tough as shit.
    This is how she should look, no doubt about that.

    TSBranch really does have a good number of redesigns that are pretty damn good as well, so I second Shlomo's recommendation to check his them out when you have the extra time.

    1. i have a little black book with lots of names in it that will attest to the simple fact that The Shlomo is always right.

    2. Do you keep it hidden under a loose floorboard under your bed?

    3. He told me once it is in his underwear drawer. :)
      Amazing, sexy and strong depicture of Waller in just a frame. Love it!

  4. He told me once, he likes to hide it from himself, and make up clues to go find it, National Treasure-style every year on a certain Jewish holiday....and that's when the the bodies of those that would refute the "great Shlomo"'s claims are found and dressed up like mimes. I think. Or at least that what he claims.

    No, he didn't say that....but it be funnier(and creepier) if he did;)

    Happy Holidays buddy:)