Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mad as a Harriet at Belle Reve

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Just thought I'd kick off May with another one of my favorite moments from some old school Suicide Squad. Specifically this one comes from issue #3 in which Darksied sends the Female Furies to spring Gordon Godfrey in this LEGENDS after math kinda story line. Prior to this issue my familiarity with the Furies was vague and I certainly had no idea how bad ass they were!
By the way welcome back Aliera. I hear ya about feeling so "disconnected" from the current series I think you have been wise to save your money. I don't even wanna think about what you guys pay for new comics in Portugal.


  1. I love the sound effects on the last panel. Its comic book and creepy at the same time.

    1. yeah i always liked the way she had this Wolverine kinda berserker smile as the bullets are bouncing off her.