Friday, May 17, 2013

John Ostrander from "another life time ago"

I found this early photo of the man John Suicide Squad Ostrander on his Facebook page. As far as how old he was in this photo he just describes it as being another life time ago. Unfortunately his Suicide Squad feels like it was from another life time ago too.
It's ironic that I miss the Rom spaceknight character because he can't be published by Marvel for legal reasons but at the same time Ostrander's Suicide Squad (which is the real one!) feels every bit as much out of reach as far as ever reading again as newly published work I'd be happy to purchase. It should also be noted that I think Greg Rucka could probably do a rebooted Suicide Squad justice as well. Maybe even Gail Simone for that matter. By the way speaking of Rucka I just found according to his Wikipedia page he was born in San Francisco which is just across the Bay from me. You can fined him on Facebook as well just in case you were wondering.


  1. You could say this about so many of the comics we grew up with. And, in a way, it was a different lifetime. It was a different way to make comics back then. Writers and artists were there to serve the book, not "create something new". But so often, in the service of the comics, and just doing their jobs to the best of their ability, they created characters and storylines that we still look back on fondly. And wish, oh how we wish, someone would come into the industry today with that outlook.

    1. This is true and to stay up to speed we have to change with the times or be lost to future's past. Don't get me wrong.

      Chris Claremont is still the monumental standard for all things X.

      Jack Kirby is still a King, and the Grand Emperor of them all is still Stan Lee.

      John has engraved greatness on the Squad. We're just hoping someone can hold a candle to these comic culture champions.

    2. speaking of all those greats Tiger OA1 i just got back from the Big WOW Comic Con San Jose CA. 2013. you'll want to see what i got from my time there today it'll be posted by the time you wake up tomorrow morning.