Sunday, June 23, 2013

Enough New 52 crap for now, let's watch some old school DC

Have you had enough of all this new DC 52 crap? Of course you have, so allow me to share with you this super villain origin Youtube video of Deadshot. Kick back . . relax  . . click on the link and forget about the new 52 bullshit for a few minutes with this much needed mental break. God knows we all earned it.

Sorry guys to bring up some of this New 52 crap but if you look in the comment section this was just brought to my attention. As you can see at least the art work is good :


  1. It's always such a kick to see Lawton in his tuxedo getup. We're so used to the supervillain/antihero Deadshot, you forget he started out in such a "normal" way. Thanks Shlomo. Awesome as always.

  2. This was good and factual information that's missing commentary punch. I liked it for what is was though.

    As good as Ostranders book was, to this day I still can't see how no one can equal or better it. The template is right there. I guess it's like those guys that's done those bantha shit Punisher movies. They can't even cheat right and the cheat sheet is on their desk.

  3. well put my friends, well put. oh by the way OA1 i dunno if World War Z is on your to do list but i highly recommend it also, i like your comment about the Silver Hawks it really sums up how i felt about the show even back when i was kid. i hope you watched the video link i provided in the posting it's really funny the way that dude rips on all the stupid stuff on that show.

    1. World War Z is on the list. Brad Pitt is my guy. Hey go check out Eee Chi Tae, Red Hood and the Outlaws #21 and ask your boy about the new league of Assassins.

  4. For those who aren't familiar, or as familiar with Deadshot's background, that video is a perfect way to learn about our favorite assassin. It gets right to the point, telling you all you need to know. Good stuff.

  5. I just finnished reading #21 of Red Hood, and I liked it.
    Blus, Ben doesn't seem as diferent as that. I thought he whoul stay beeing a tiger but he is a man most of the time. Might end up being interesting to learn his new origin...

  6. Right now it seems he is the leader of the league of assassins.
    Although he want's Red Hood to step to the role.
    I think that was why he was broght to life by Talia.