Sunday, July 14, 2013

Comic characters you got into from the animated movies & TV shows

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Lately I've been really enjoying watching Owlman video clips from Crisis On Two Earths movie. As far as I can tell he's nothing like the rather offish and generally uninteresting Owlman (lame costume too) from what I remember of DC in the 80s. I like his sense of cynicism, his fatalistic attitude while always maintaining a calm  demeanor.
Then you've got Roy Harper from Young Justice and you all know how much I like him. Prior to Young Justice I knew very little about the Roy Harper character. I had only read a couple of early Suicide Squad issues he guest starred along with a Teen Titans one shot anti-drug issue that was given out as freebees at my elementary school back in the day when we still had dinosaurs. My knowledge of Cheshire was even more scant for that matter.
As for the Red Hood I had heard that name here and there with the travesty known as the New DC 52 never payed it any mind. That is until I happened upon some clips of Batman: Under The Red Hood on Youtube. Instantly I felt like I stumbled across a character I really felt like I could relate to. And that's not to say that there have not been other characters from animated films and TV shows that didn't strike a cord with me or that I otherwise really enjoy but the ones I mentioned here I just identify with on a more personable level.

Hey Dale sorry I didn't really get back to you when you first posted this clip art on my face book page. But yes you were correct there is something very very Duchess like about her. Although I think the likeness is almost certainly coincidental, where is this from again? Some kind of Suicide Squad from the new 52 tie-in?
In the mean time let's take a trip down memory lane of one of those moments in awesome as Duchess a.k.a Lashina deliver some impromptu disciplinary measures in the field to Count Vertigo and Captain Boomerang who were attempting to carry out a little mutiny during a mission. Although we find out later she had ulterior motives.


  1. Yeah, it's a Suicide Squad spin-off mini-series called Argus. I lifted it off the Argus#1 cover. You can find more info on it @, That's where the October DC Comics solicitations are.

    And yeah, the James Woods voiced Owlman is better than his previous incarnations, and no par with Morrison's version.

  2. That Owlman always sent chills up my spine. And made me a little sad. Excellent example of a revisioned character done right. Of course, having Woods's voice behind him didn't hurt.
    Also, I never liked Red Hood until I saw
    "Under the Red Hood". Most of it was probably my distaste for them bringing Jason back. I never liked Jason. But after that film I felt a little better about him. He popped for me in a way he hadn't before.

    1. that's good that you cut Jason some slack but i know how much you love Nightwing so i guess Dick will always be number one for you.

    2. I was going through the same thing with Damien when they killed him. I actually liked Tim. And Damien seemed like a nastier Jason. But now I guess I don't have to. Until he turns up back alive and vengeful.
      Poor Bats. Oh well, I guess he's batting .500 as far as sidekicks go. That's nothing to sneeze at.

  3. Awww, I've always wanted to called that. Don't ask why;)

  4. Cartoon characters that popped for me? Believe it or not Gambit. I just didn't get him till I heard him - after that it was all gravy. Oh and Mr Freeze. But what Paul Dini did there really is an all-time hall of fame moment.

    As for Owlman, I love this DVD, and the JLA book it is based off. At first I was miffed they didn't stick with drawing the character's in Frank's style and Aquaman's fight at the white house was removed, but for a Wonder Woman that actually does wonderful things, I can live.