Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Multiplex, the Star Trek security guards in red shirts of Task Force X

I can't believe I've gotten this far on this blog site with out really having much of anything to do with Multiplex. I've known about the character since his early Firestorm villain days but he was never really of any interest to me. One of the things is that for a guy who's power is to make multiple copies of himself running around in an elaborate caped costume seemed kinda silly to me. He just had a look that was more suited for being the head honcho of some super criminal organization or evil cult like Brother Blood or Kobra. But since he started working for Waller sometime after the regular Suicide Squad 1 -75 series he's been sporting this "Tron" look which I think looks much much better.
My favorite thing about the character is how his "duploids" keep getting killed. And the way they get killed sometimes cracks me up even if it is a bit gruesome now and then. In the clip art here you see Scandal Savage from the Secret Six trying to take one of them hostage at Belle Reve. As you can see here it's a great scene for a number of reasons one of them being the dialogue. Magnify the image to read it easier. More information of the Multiplex character can be found here: http://www.ask.com/wiki/Multiplex_%28comics%29

This will probably do it for this month unless Brightest Day #24 has something good but kicking off May we'll have some stuff from DC's 52 series, Operation Salvation Run and show how Waller was successfully blackmailed into resigning as Checkmate's White Queen! Who could possibly be smart and shrewd enough to do that you ask? You'll find out here next week.

Also today, Task Force X Retirement files 040-043
Sports Master, Major Victory, Adam Cray (Atom II) and Ray Palmer

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Janus Directive: Checkmate vs Task Force X

So I decided to open up this posting with a Janus Directive house ad for those of your who aren't as familiar with that cross title DC saga. It's a pretty large file so you can magnify it for a better read. You might find it interesting to know that in mythological terms Janus was the "two faced" god of beginnings and transitions. So Checkmate and Task Force X found themselves among the various U.S. agencies and organizations duped by Kobra into fighting amongst themselves.
Certain members of Checkmate's strategy was to capture Amanda Waller in order to get leverage on Task Force X (Checkmate #16 Vol.1 1989). A hand full of agents break into Belle Reve and quietly attempt to subdue Belle Reve's security personnel as well as members of The Suicide Squad. One of their first targets is Captain Boomerang and as usual they make the mistake of underestimating him.
Once you've read enough books that feature Capt. Boomerang you get to a point where you can almost see what's going on in a live action way in your head. It's like you can actually hear him talking with that Aussie accent. It's one of the things that makes him such a fun character to follow.
By this point in the issue I was laughing out loud.

I'm sure at this point you have some idea happens what the next "rang" does that Digger is about to throw. Also seen in this issue is Bronze Tiger in some hand to hand combat against the other invading Checkmate agents. In the middle of this Waller makes good her escape from Belle Reve and the Checkmate agents are forced to abort their mission and flee. Eventually of course all the players involved figure out they've been had by Kobra and combine forces in the final showdown to stop Kobra from his latest doomsday scheme.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Force of July, now just gone with the wind.

For all of you who checked out the previous posting no doubt discovered the somewhat contentious comments over the debate about the writers of DC making Dr. Light into a sex offender. Well I think all that needed to be said about that was pretty much covered already. But that got me thinking about some of Light's more "memorable" moments in the pages of the Suicide Squad. One of those was this one from the Janus Directive. If you recall, the Janus Directive was this vast scheme devised by Kobra to turn just about every U.S. government agency against each other as a distraction while he prepares his latest dooms day weapon in order to usher in the age of the "Age of Chaos" which is his version of Armageddon. Take note that Iran's president espouses to a similar ideology. Just a little something to help you all sleep soundly at night for when the next time you hear about their latest bit of progress in their nuclear program and long range ballistic missile upgrades.
During the Janus Directive we see a showdown between the Suicide Squad and the hyper patriotic government team The Force of July ( Role call: Major Victory - super strength, Sparkler - Jubilee of the X-Men like powers, Mayflower - can animate vegetation to carry out her will, Lady Liberty - energy discharge through "torch", Silent Minority - Multiple Man like powers). Sparkler as seen above is killed by Dr. Light in a fit of rage, while Mayflower is strangled to death by Ravan. Later as the Janus Directive reaches it's conclusion both Lady Liberty and Silent Minority are killed in the final battle with Kobra's forces leaving Major Victory as the group's sole survivor.
As a result of the Kobra's manipulations and the break down in communications between agencies the U.S. government orders the over haul of many of those agencies and their protocols. One of which was to assign Major Victory to Task Force X. Major Victory (a.ka. Bill Vickers) was only with the Squad for a short time and for the most part we saw a fairly one dimensional character. So much so that Vixen once referred to him as "Major Cliche". However shortly there after Major Victory would find himself among the kidnapped members of the Squad in the ill fated Apocalypse mission compliments of every body's favorite Female Fury Lashina. Fortunately he was one of the survivors although that ended up being a turning point for him. It was on that mission that we started to see some character development for Major Victory. Having felt like he had always been used by some other interest rather it was the U.S. government, Kobra or Lashina Major Victory decided to leave all that behind and get on with his life as just Bill Vickers. What's interesting here is that the narrative of this character at the time (1990) was somewhat prophetic. Given the the political quagmire and ongoing recession of America today Major Victory is basically a metaphor for the frustrations of everyday Americans during these hard times.
Vickers as it turned out didn't turn in his uniform and would take on the role of Major Victory again. We briefly see him in the pages of the Suicide Squad toward the end of the series (#58) as the leader of the newly formed Captains of Industry super hero team. You can find out who didn't make it back from that mission at the latest Task Force X retirement files:

Coming soon: We feature some rare clip art of Captain Boomerang from the pages of Checkmate (Vol.1) during the Janus Directive. See Digger at his best with plenty of action and incomprehensible "Aussie" speak during Checkmate's daring break in at Belle Reve as they try to capture the director of Task Force X Amanda Waller.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Checkmate#4 awesome splash page & why I'm writing in Amanda Waller on my 2012 presidential ballot

I just recently found Checkmate #3 and #4. I wish I could have found them in a dollar bin but I had to brake down and buy them at the full cover price + back issues. I already had # 1 (which I had found a little while ago for only .50) and #2 and I was really digging it so it was worth it to me to dole out the extra cash to see how the story line continued to unfold. It was a really great read! The plot line for those first few Checkmate issues (Vol.) basically had to do with Kobra having infiltrated China's meta human program and Checkmate being sent to their in order to expose the security breach. But Checkmate didn't really do it so much for China's benefit as opposed to it's own. Ya see in the first issue China tried to push through a U.N. resolution to have Checkmate dissolved. The Kobra mission was more about getting leverage on China in order to make them . . "reexamine" their U.N. vote. And of course their was the side benefit of foiling Kobra's latest scheme. That's what I loved about the writing in this book was the politics. It really did reflect how things work in the real world minus the super powered agents. I really think some kind of Checkmate vs. S.H.I.E.L.D would be so sweet!

I think Barak Obama means well. But I also think it's pretty clear to every one by now regardless of what end of the political spectrum you are on or what skin color you are that he just doesn't have what it takes to get things done rather it comes to our foreign or domestic policies. He could learn a thing or two from the White Queen. Now that's change I can believe in, plus Amanda Waller is a black woman which means she's got both Obama and Hillary beat on the PC angle.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Proper disposal of a pedophile 101 with Catman & Deadshot

So I'm gonna switch gears here folks from something earlier this week that was fun to a more serious subject matter. There's no planning process, I just write postings on the fly depending on what's inspiring me that day. Do you all remember the 1988 Deadshot mini-series in which Deadshot's late son Eddie was murdered by a pedophile? Well Deadshot dealt with him pretty well by shooting his son's murderer to pieces starting with the knees and making his way up to the head. A fitting end for that type of bottom feeding scum of a sex offender.
But I'll tell ya, Catman has it down even better when it comes to properly disposing of human garbage like that. In Secret Six #16 we see Catman and Deadshot (disguised as cops) hijack a prisoner transport by ambushing and subduing the guards using brutal but none lethal force. They spring this guy who was convicted of raping and murdering a young girl. Of course the convict thought it was his lucky day but it soon turned out to be his worst nightmare as he discovers that Catman and Deadshot were paid by the victim's father to get him out of police custody so he could avenge his daughter.
So later the pedophile murderer is strapped to a table and the father is given a knife. He's about to get started but then looses his nerve. Even with righteous revenge as a motive it still takes strength (not the physical kind) to inflict excruciating pain on another person. It's just not something most of us are cut (no pun intended) out for. Some, might call the ability to do so a "gift". And as you will see here Catman has that gift. Which he passes on to the victim's father in the form of some helpful tips to insure he does what needs to be done. We don't actually get to see anything beyond this point but we as the readers can assume that the murdered girl can now rest in peace and that the scum bag in the last panel will be resting in pieces knowing that the father is about to go medieval on his ass.
DC Universe Catman character profile:

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Nightshade is a center fold

I've been debating with myself for a couple of months now about publishing a posting like this. That lovely illustration to the left actually came to me by way of a follower of this blog who happens to be of the fairer sex believe it or not. This now is the second sexually explicit illustration of Nightshade I've come across and I couldn't find out who the artist was on this one either. This is kinda weird to me because she's never really been that kind of sensual heroine. I mean I would expect to find this sort of stuff for Powergirl, Poison Ivy or even Starfire but Nightshade? By the way I hope the bare chest isn't bothering anybody out there cause I'm kinda partial to it. So I did a little research on the Squad's mistress of the night and found some comic book appearances in which artists had her showing off assets other then her shadow realm powers.
What your looking at below is some clip art from Justice League International #13 in which were seeing the Squad prep for a mission to Russia in order to bust Nemesis out of jail. Well actually we're seeing a little more then that here but you know what I mean.

And to the right here we have a scene from Checkmate #20 (Fall of the "Wall") featuring a non mini-skirt costume that is showing less skin but is more form fitting. Going back to the mini-skirt version of the costume I have to say it's pretty silly to think of a super heroine running around on dangerous missions and fighting crime in that thing. Not that I'm complaining however. And speaking of skirt lines, that black box was something I indeed did add to the original illustration before publishing it. The original doesn't leave ANYTHING to the imagination and even I have some standards of modesty for this blog. But they mostly apply below the waist, not above.