Saturday, July 16, 2011

Salvation Run #2 found in $1 box so temporarily breaking my "hiatus". Also, check out my Suicide Squad Youtube video

Well this is turning out to be some hiatus huh? Since I announced it I've made a Suicide Squad Youtube video and now this posting. But this is important cause I made a good find today at my local comic shop. So if you look a couple of posting behind this one you'll see that Bane was "recruited" by Waller at the tail end of the 2007-2008 Raise the Flag Suicide Squad 8 issue mini-series and also that Deadshot was still a part of the Squad. But in Salvation Run #2 we see that Waller & Flag deem Deadshot and Bane too "unstable" and exile them to the prison planet.
As you can see here prisoners are loaded in a chamber which is then sealed and they are all sucked into an opening boomtube. Flag doesn't give Deadshot and Bane a chance to clear the chamber before it is sealed after they've herded the latest transportees in there. At first I thought it was weird that Salvation Run #2 was published a few months before the end of the From the Ashes mini-series. But then I found in the first issue of Raise the Flag a note informing the readers that all the events of that series come before Operation Salvation Run. What's also note worthy is that we see Scandal Savage getting sent to the prison planet in Checkmate #20 (2008) as well. . So what's the point of this posting you might be saying about now? I guess what I'm getting at is that nearly two years later (March 2010) we see Deadshot along with Bane and Scandal Savage being part of The Secret 6 in the Suicide Squad/Secret 6 Blackest Night cross over story line. Much of the story centers around Waller wanting Deadshot back on Task Force X for which he declines for obvious reasons and shoots Waller near the heart to make his point
The cool thing about Salvation Run #2 is that it let's us see what I'm guessing was the origins of Deadshot becoming a member of The Secret 6 not to mention Bane and Scandal Savage. We also see how and why he was booted from Task Force X which of course explains his resentment for Waller by the time the two teams meet in the Blackest Night cross over. Which makes me ever so curious how the Hell Deadshot is gonna end up with The Suicide Squad in the September relaunch cause he should still be REALLY pissed off with both Waller and Flag!? Well that's ok cause it wouldn't be the Suicide Squad if the mission wasn't F.U.B.A.R before it even got started.

* F.U.B.A.R (fucked up beyond all recognition)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Amanda Waller vs. Nick Fury

Here's something pretty cool I found on Deviant art done by someone who goes under the name of Ragnaroker. This is interesting cause we've had discussions before on this blog about some sort of Checkmate/S.H.I.E.L.D cross over mini-series. Or how about a cross over mini-series consisting of two rival terrorist organizations such as KOBRA and Hydra?

Unfortunately I don't know who did this awesome painting which is unfortunate cause I hate having to display great fan art with out giving credit where credit is due. Is it just me or does Harley Quinn seem to have this whole "The Crow" vibe going on here?
Just a heads up folks this blog is gonna be on something of a hiatus probably until sometime next month. I've got a lot of other shit I need to turn my attention to for now but as we get closer to the New Suicide Squad book coming out I promise "I'll be back".

Monday, July 4, 2011

KOBRA vs. Bane

Probably one of my favorite episodes of Young Justice is "Drop Zone". It features a mission the young heroes under take in Santa Prisca only to find a power struggle between the forces of Bane's drug cartel and Kobra who's trying to move in on his territory. I'm sure by now you all know how Kobra has been a regular nemesis for both Task Force X and Checkmate. And although Bane has tussled with Checkmate before his history with Task Force X is a bit different. He was "recruited" by Amanda Waller at the end of the 2008 "Raise the Flag" mini-series. But his stint with Task Force X was pretty short lived and apparently his "service" was brought to an abrupt end when Waller banished him along with Deadshot to the prison planet in Operation Salvation Run #2. Which probably explains the how they came to work together as part of The Secret Six I'm guessing. Dan, you wanna weigh in on this?
I highly recommend this episode of Young Justice! You can catch it out on Youtube, here's a link to part 1 of 3: