Monday, January 28, 2013

FUCK YOU cartoon network!

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Well I was saving this art work for a Feb.1st posting but I guess I might as well post it now along with the fucked up news I just got from Dale. Google search Young Justice cancelled to see what I mean. There's nothing more I can ad to that other then to say that cartoon network in the absence of YJ ( and also Green Lantern which had been pretty good lately) has nothing but dumbed down shit I wouldn't have even found watchable as a pre-teen kid. The only exception would be Star Wars which has some descent episodes now and then even though in general I hate almost all the shit that has to do with the prequels.

All right so now that I got that out of my system this is Deadshot from the Young Justice comic issue 24. Talk about an awesome costume redesign! I think I like it even better then any version in the old DCU. This is more along the lines of what the DC 52 version of Deadshot's costume should have looked like as opposed to that overly elaborate clunky looking get up he wears now.

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Now what we have here is some clip art from a Nightwing and Owen Mercer one shot. I actually saw this in a $1 bin a couple of weeks ago I don't know why I didn't pick it up I think I'll look for it again the next time I'm there. This is an interesting bit of dialogue it never occurred to me that Batman would be holding it against Owen that he's Digger's son and using the same name even though he was one of the Outsiders. Like with the Deadshot appearance in the Young Justice comic book this makes me so wanna see Owen at least make a guest appearance at least on the Young Justice but now that'll never happen. Things just ended so badly for Owen in the old DCU it would have been nice to have seen him again in most any DC continuity.

And speaking of good DC cartoons here's some character sketches that were done in the same illustration style as we saw in Justice League Unlimited. Rick Flag, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Killer Frost, Plastique (although not in costume) all have been on that series but now we can get some idea of how Bronze Tiger and Nightshade would have looked like on that show. BT looks ok here but Nightshade is especially done illustrated well here

Friday, January 25, 2013

Young Justice episode preview for "The Fix" and what I do like about the New 52 Suicide Squad

Yup, that's it folks. Ol Digger is pretty much the only thing I like about the new Suicide Squad title. He's the only thing that's the same as he was in the old DCU. I feel like he's the anchor of familiarity from the old Squad in a title that almost feels like more of a Batman spin off at times and at other times feels like some sort of alternate reality version of the Suicide Squad  ". . . that I used to know".
Same costume (the updated one thank God!), same personality and pretty much the same abilities although it seems now he can "energize" his boomerangs kinda like Gambit from the X-Men. But I seem to remember him doing that for at least a while right after his Brightest Day resurrection no?  know I should know this but I'm a bit fuzzy on that detail.
Anyways, tomorrow is a new day and seeing how that new day is Saturday you know what that means right? Here's some links to preview videos of the new Young Justice episode "The Fix"

Saturday morning update: Despite not really having had either Roy Harpers this episode was damn near as good as last week's. In this episode we see what's going on in Aqualad's broken mind and how the under cover Artemis (as Tigra) and Ms. Martian play into it. We also get to see Deathstroke in action (and he was awesome just like in the comic) and more amusing love triangle drama between Superboy, Ms. Martian and Lagoon Boy. All that along with a big secret being revealed on the team along with more of the Martian Green Beetle. On a side note here both Green Lantern and Star Wars were really good to this morning.

This will probably be my last posting for the month but be back here Feb. 1st. Rather you're more of a Suicide Squad fan or more of a Young Justice fan I guarantee you'll love what I have coming up next.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Young Justice "True Colors", just the episode I've been waiting for!

Last week's episode (Cornered) was good, but today's episode is more what I've been waiting for. In True Colors we finally get to see Arsenal in action and the introduction of a Martian version of Blue Beetle. The episode had some snappy dialogue and plenty of action as most of the YJ team along with the "Green Beetle" Martian take on the futuristic evil Blue Beetle that's proven so far to being all but invincible since being introduced into the series. And certainly no less important the story line of the eventual showdown between Sportsmaster/Cheshire and Black Manta/Kalderon finally starts moving along and I can't wait to see how that goes. Although just a fairly brief appearance so far we also get to see Deathstroke and it looks like he'll be gunning for Sportsmaster.
If you're not watching this show you're missing out big time it's the only thing from DC these days that's worth following especially since you're not paying $2.99 or $3.99 for it. I'm sure in the next day or two True Colors will start turning up on Youtube. I can't say much for this weekend's DC shorts however. Lance Armstrong . .er I mean Bane looked pretty ridiculous when he was juiced up on his venom. And huh, sorry Dale but Amethyst was way to kiddy friendly for my taste it reminds me of the Teen Titans cartoon.

As you can see he's called Black Manta for a reason.

I'm making an update to this posting in light of a return trip from a new comic shop I discovered not far from where I live. Of all the comic shops in the San Francisco Bay Area (and there's plenty here) I've never come across one that had discount back issues for only 25 cents! And most of it was some pretty good stuff like this issue of Justice League of America #15 (2008) which features some Suicide Squad clip art I've seen on the internet for a couple of years now but could never figure out exactly where it came from. Aside from that it was an all around kick ass issue that featured a big time throw down between The JLA and Lex Luther's Legion of Doom.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

You're not afraid of the dark are you?

I'm hesitant to call this sketch art because it has a very finished look to it. However you want to characterize it this is pretty damn awesome fan art by however the unknown artist is. It's pretty much what I would consider to be a perfect drawing and I like the whole "bad ass ninja" like quality to Nightshade in it. Yet another under rated character from the old DCU that we have yet to see in the relaunch.

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 Well I just recently discovered that this 5 issue Hawk & Dove mini-series (1997-1998) featured both the Suicide Squad and Checkmate as a running story line through out the series. I gotta say I did an internet search to see what kind of information and art work I could dig up on it and none of the covers looked even remotely familiar to me as anything I may have seen before.
I did an ebay search and saw that the complete set had just sold for only $8 total with shipping and handling. Damn! that's not much more then I would have paid finding them all in $1 bins at the same time and what are the odds of that? Oh well, ya never know what the future holds I tend to get lucky with these sort of things. But in the mean time here's some links to some of the pages from the mini-series:

January 18 update: Hawk & Dove #4 review with plenty of clip art available here:

Sunday, January 13, 2013

This is Suicide Squad #3, you play Harley and I'll be Deadshot

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Really folks, you've already read the posting title so need I say more? Actually it's probably best that I don't. I know, I'm so bad but I just can't help myself sometimes so White Lemon if you're ever near the San Francisco Bay Area look me up if you wanna do a little role playing. And I ain't talkn about no Dungeons & Dragons either.

I'm a happy camper this weekend I caught Young Justice this time. Here's a good quality clip from the episode I'm sure the whole thing will show up on Youtube in a day or two: There was also a really uniquely animated and all around cool DC Nation short video episode called Batman of Shanghai: Catwoman check it out: And aside from all that I also wanted to mention that Green Lantern which I only watch kinda passively sometimes turned out to be fairly good this Saturday morning too.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Finally, new Young Justice season

Young Justice season 3 just started this past Saturday and I fucken missed  it! Hopefully the season opener will turn up on Youtube soon but if anybody out there can share with me a run down of the episode I would be delighted. Especially if you can remember the title that would help me find it on Youtube. There's a preview trailer of the new season that looks really good. Among other things it looks like there's gonna be a showdown between Sportsmaster and Manta as well as Cheshire and Aqualad over the "death" of Artemis check it out:

Well folks I decided to take renouncing the Keith Giffen and Adam Glass Suicide Squad books (and new comics in general) a step further. This past weekend I took the entire Giffen run (1 -12) and all the issues of the relaunch I had (1-10) plus the Resurrection Man tie-in to my local comic shop and trade em in for credit on back issues. And so you don't think I was just discriminating against DC alone I did the same with some Marvel stuff too but that has to do with my other blog. Yep I just had enough of all that dead weight laying around that I know I'll never read again.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cool new Captain Boomerang pencil sketch

After I picked this up on Deviant Art I tried to go back to it but couldn't find it again for some fu@#$% reason so I can't accredit it accordingly. Anyways, this is a really solid drawing. Good all around figure composition in terms of bodily proportions and the action pose. Just the sort of fan art I like to find for my blogs. I've been wanting to do some more fab art lately but I can't seem to get it together maybe seeing this will give me the artistic kick in the arse that I really need.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bronze Tiger, a break from Task Force X for Justice League Task Force

For a while now I've been hoping to find Justice League Task Force issues 5 and 6 in some back issue bin since I've known that it included Bronze Tiger along with Green Arrow, Gypsy and a supposed paraplegic Bruce Wayne. No luck so far but I did recently come across a source that had a lot of clip art from the issues:  You can also find other bits of clip art from the issues here and there on the net by doing word key word searches. But along with some preview pages you can view those issues can be bought digitally for $2.00 each:


From what I've read of the issues their not bad and as you can see here the art work was pretty good. Green Arrow is especially drawn well in the clip art samples I posted here. I've never bought an e-comic before but maybe I'll make that my new years resolution for 2013.